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So with Batman - Superman set to come out at 2015, we decided to take a look why is it so hard to produce a Justice League live action movie. Hit the jump to check my thought.

I'm sure many wonder why Warner Bros is still hasn't take any action in setting up their DC Cinematic Universe as Marvel already building their third phase. People keep saying to release the movie as soon as possible, however, getting a Justice League is not as easy as getting an Avengers movie and here are some reasons why.

Wonder Woman
The most trickiest part of Justice League is Wonder Woman. Unlike The Avengers, Wonder Woman is a character that needs to be a part of the team. Black Widow in Avengers can easily be written out if needed but not Wonder Woman. However, to portray Wonder Woman is not that simple. General Audience will sure be flipped out to see a woman in a Wonder Woman attire in a movie while comic book fans will be flipped out if the costumes is changed. Hence we are left with the problem how she should be brought into the movie.

The mask issue
Some of us might not realized this issue but an actor or actress who worked in such a phenomenal movie like The Avengers or Justice League would certainly want their face to be recognized by fans. The Avengers managed to deal with this by putting all their hero most of the time mask-less. Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark has his face only interface in the movie to compensate that. While Chris Evan's Captain America wore his mask most of his first movie, he barely wore it in The Avengers as well as in his upcoming sequel. However in Justice League, you can't have Batman or The Flash out of sudden take off their mask in the public and fight against an alien invasion. The base of Justice League is they never knew the real identity of each other but still possessed trust to fight together. This mean most of the time, these heroes would fight under their mask. Of course there will be actors or actress who willing to do that but it would demand a large cheque for it for sure.

The enemy
Honestly Justice League has a lot more specific villains compared to The Avengers. However, Justice League is most interesting when it's about dealing with the issue of trust. Most of their best title focus on dealing with between the member itself; Kingdom Come, Tower of Babel, The Villain's Journey, Throne of Antlantis and the recent Trinity War. Because this team consist of the most powerful superheroes in the world, their fight with the villains is not as interesting as their fight with each other hence the upcoming Batman Superman.

Warner Bros
I'm not saying Warner Bros sucks at their role of building up the universe but you have to remember that they are not like Marvel who the only movie they produce are their own comic product. Warner Bros has a lot of franchise under their care and they have to divide the priorities between these franchise as well as small movies as well. Unless the build a sub division that solely focus on DC Cinematic Universe then it would be possible for them to go as far as Marvel.  This is also the reason why Arrow is so successful because you have a group who is fully committed in building up the universe.

So what do you think of our reasons ? Valid or rubbish ? Leave your comment in the section below. Stay tuned for more editorial articles from us and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio.


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