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Comikrew Studio announced a special one-shot:- Di Tebing Dosa

After a special three issue event of Kasih Lebaran, Comikrew Studio now announced a special one-shot is on the way. Hit the jump the see the details !!
While waiting for National Crisis to begin this October, Comikrew Studio has released several other titles including two CHU 0RIGIN titles; Stickerman and Badang and a raya special three issue event titled Kasih Lebaran. Now another title has been announced to be released possibly around end of August or September.

Di Tebing Dosa (English title:- One Step from Sin) is a one-shot set to be released sometime after Kasih Lebaran ended. The story will revolved a husband and wife who due to their own action leading them committing sin or at least nearly commit one.

On the theme of the comic
This one-shot will have a quite mature theme compared to other comic drawn by me. In fact, this is way more mature than Nightmoth: CHU 0RIGIN. It is more of experiment for me and seriously this would never pass as a movie in any country due to a very controversial issue used in this comic. For a hint, if you think my decision of making a woman wearing shawl as antagonist in Segi Tiga Cinta is bold enough, I've gone even bolder in here.

On what people should learn from the comic
I hope people learn from this comic that we're such flawed human and easier to fall into the act of sin when we are further from God. I've seen a quote before that it's not the religion that is flawed, it's the human who is. So basically this is what I'm trying to show.

On the decision to release this comic out of sudden
One thing because Di Tebing Dosa has such a hidden strong moral that urge me that this has to go out as soon as it can. Besides after the end of National Crisis, I'll basically will be involved in a new title for Comikrew Heroes Universe (CHU) so I won't have much time to do such one-shot. Another reason is this comic is simply like a chance for me to take a rest from CHU as usually I had before in other title. The Zuhalian is in between Budak Kampung and SMAP, Invasion is in between SMAP and SMAP season 4, and finally Segi Tiga Cinta is in between SMAP season 4 and Countdown 2 National Crisis.

On the stage of production
It's currently on the final stage of production and will head to post production as soon as I done with Badang. So it's expected to be released around end of August or at least before Badang.

So what do you think of this one-shot ? Are you excited for it ? Sound off your thought in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more update from us and be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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