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Comikrew Studio 2013 Raya Poster Unveiled !!

As Ramadhan is coming next week, 2013 Raya poster is finally revealed in conjunction with Comikrew special three issue event. Hit the jump to check it out.


It seems like this year, Comikrew Studio is going with a theme "Jalinkan Kasih, Eratkan Persaudaraan, Raikan Lebaran" for their Raya poster. This poster is a tradition done by Comikrew Studio since 2010 and this year is added with a special three issue event of Kasih Lebaran.

On the theme of the poster:
This year we want it to make the poster to be in "sync" with our special event [Kasih Lebaran]. So we decided to focus more love, friendship, and relationship which is the main focus of the comic. Besides, that is what Raya is about especially in Malaysia where we meet and great our relatives that sometimes we are barely meet throughout the year.

On the style of the poster:  
We have been doing colored poster for two years so this year we decided to go back for black and white. Besides that, unlike the usual one title focused poster, this poster has characters from various Comikrew's title. You have characters from Budak Kampung and SMAP, Segi Tiga Cinta, Invasion, and even our recently Comikrew Heroes Universe and National Crisis. We think that this allowed us to convey a stronger message from the poster rather than if we only focus on one title.

The Message of the poster:
Well we have an obvious message there on the poster, but most importantly is the hidden one.We want to sent to everyone that it is not because we celebrate Raya that we reconnect with everyone and meet our relatives. That thing comes first because I believe Raya would be more meaningful with so many people around us.

Future plan for the poster:
We gonna continued this in the future and we may also keep doing special events after this as well. But I can assured you that next year will be more special. So hopefully you're still with us next year.

What do you think of the poster ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more update from us a be sure to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!


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