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With a long gap between the ending of Countdown 2 National Crisis and the event itself, fans are wondering will they gonna get another long hiatus? Fear not because we already had a SPECIAL plan for that.

    While Countdown 2 National Crisis will returned next week, most of the fans know that the it finally gonna ended in June and the event itself will only started on October 31st, which bring up the question what happened in between that? Will there be more CHU 0RIGIN or just merely long hiatus?  Apparently Comikrew Studio has set up a special for July and August in celebrating the fasting and raya month by releasing a special comic throughout that two months.

      Starting from July, Comikrew Studio will be releasing a three part comic; Kasih Lebaran. And, the best part is it will featured the continuation of SMAP season 4 as well as Segi Tiga Cinta cliffhanger. An official statement was released regarding the announcement of the title:-

On the decision to release a special raya comic:-
"Every year we had this special theme for raya celebration and this year we decided to go with 'Jalinkan Kasih, Eratkan Perhubungan, Raikan Lebaran'. While we have been focusing a lot on CHU, we decided that we should stay away from it in order to build up the anticipation created by National Crisis but we certainly don't want a long hiatus. That is when we got an idea to go with a raya special comic and focusing on love genre,"

On the plot of Kasih Lebaran:-
"There's been this numerous idea of what happen to Tri after season 4 cliffhanger but it never came to reality. SMAP season 5 was scrapped, his cameo in Segi Tiga Cinta was removed, Space Cafe spin off was scrapped. So in the discussion, we think that if we want to do this, lets do this big.  The story will take off after Segi Tiga Cinta where Ziera is still looking for Tri. However, the story will mostly revolved on Tri's life post-SMAP 4.

On the characters that will making appearances:-
"Not a lot of character will be making appearances, for sure we will have Tri and Ziera back and several new characters which is a part of Tri's new life. But I can assure you that there will be a cameo who is a pretty important character in SMAP and Tri's life right to the end of the story itself.

What to achieve in this story:-
"We've been trying to implement a lot of "Malaysian theme" in our comic and this comic will be showing a lot of it. Hopefully fans will able to connect with it and at the same time enjoy the "Malaysian theme" within it.

Kasih Lebaran will be released on July 12, 26 and August 9. For you guys who have been waiting for the return of Tri, this might be the opportunity that you shouldn't miss. What do you think of this exciting news? Sound off your thought in the comment section and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio and stay tuned for more updates from us !! 


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