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Editorial : Don't Judge a Major by Its Amount of Exam

Does the amount of exam per semester equals to the easiness of a major ? Well, today I'm writing discussing on this topic and dive into the validity of the phrase.

It's final week in Purdue and everyone (maybe most ) is struggling to survive the last yet most crucial week in a semester. Then, there are some who stay at home playing Halo 4 or Smash Bros rather than studying. When ask whether they have exam, these maybe their answer; "Yeah, I have two exams on Monday and Thursday," or "I have a take-home exam and one optional exam,". I have face this situation a lot where people ask me how many finals I have and my answer piss them off and began rambling on how easy my major is. I couldn't blame them for getting piss off if they have five finals compare to me who have one or two, but then is it true that a major that have none or two or three final is easy? Does amount of finals per semester is a good benchmark of the easiness of a major ? My answer is HELL NO !!

In Purdue, CGT  is well known (at least among Malaysian) as an easy course and an alternative choice if anyone want to change their major (especially those from Computer Science). But then, I never consider the easiness of a course is defined by number of exams per semester or workload throughout the semester because for me, the word 'easy' itself is subjective. I was in web development class this semester and we have to come up with a website based on our clients (here is my lab teacher) and some people are just struggling even to make the design. I was fortunate because I had a basic in HTML and Photoshop, so doing the website stuff is not that hard. So there it was easy for me but not everyone else despite we all are taking the same major.

Yes, I had to admit sometimes to have a small amount finals does really take off a lot of your burden but then do remember not everyone in the same major have the same amount of final because we all take different class per semester, even people who are taking SPM have different amount paper nowadays. I may have two finals but other may have five even within the same major.

Another thing to remember is the objective of the college or school or even the exam itself. Major like engineering or computer science which focus more on theoretical  must have exam because not all application will test the theory besides the exam question itself is a case study because the answer you provided has to solve the question given. Isn't that similar to law school which its exam is mainly case study or even major like computer graphic which a project-based course. Course like computer graphic which a more to application is a project-based course because we basically learn how to do things; how to create a website, or how to render a model which sometimes does make sense to do an exam because most of the time we and even the professional just refer back to notes, create a preset, or just Google it when doing our stuff.

So after all of these rambling, still think number of exam define an easiness of a course ? If you still do, then that mean my point is may not strong enough. If you didn't, glad I can help. However, whatever your point of view in this topic, sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates from us and be sure to be a fan of Comikrew Studio.  


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