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APAC'S Art Voice Exhibition Report

Last week was a big week as Comikrew Studio involved in Asian Pacific American Caucus (APAC) Art Voice Exhibition. Displaying Aoi's Love Diary, here is a quick report of the event.

Held at Purdue Memorial Union room 118, the set up began at 11.30 am. There is about 7 booth consist of different artwork and Aoi's Love Diary was displayed at booth 4. Other projects on displayed are Identity card; a collaboration project by Pam Sari, Hanna Lee, Ellen Wongso, and Generation 1.5 a project done by Yuhan Huang.

Aoi's Love Diary on displayed

The event officially started at 12.30 pm with a speech by the president of APAC itself; Hanna Lee. In the speech, she welcomed everyone who came and explained the purpose of exhibition itself. After that, she began to introduce all the contributors of the exhibition and invite them for a 3-minute speech about the art itself. Some of the highlight of the speech was the story about a girl who is a quarter Japanese and all African who participate Purdue's Miss Asian Competition and also the case of a Korean Student who came to America when he was young and having a problem acknowledging his own identity either as an American or Korean. Aoi's Love Diary was primarily chosen due to its plot of interchange student who have problem communicating with the local student which the problem commonly address by the international student at Purdue.
Hanna Lee; the president of APAC
One of the event contributors giving a 3-minute speech
The opening speech ended by a special presentation video of the social justice the fight to have a Asia Cultural Center.

The event then continue to the open exhibition where the guest can walk to see the displayed artwork and involved in the activity offered mainly the identity card. The identity card is basically a project done by Michelle Norris. The project is basically writing six word that represent your races (identity in term of the exhibition) and explained why do you acknowledge yourself as that. On the exhibition, the guest has the chance to directly write it and put it on the wall of identity.
Identity card by feettri

wall of identity

Despite the exhibition go on from Wednesday to Friday, we only able to attend on the first day due to heavy weather on the second day and busy schedule on the third day.  However, Art Voice Exhibition manages to open a wider door for Comikrew Studio as this act as the first step to go bigger and involved more in other art exhibition.
feettri and Aoi's Love Diary display
We thanks to everyone who came to Art Voice Exhibition. There will be a second on May 2nd 2013 at 6:30 pm at Pao Building in conjuction with the 6th Sino-American Comparative Literature Symposium. Pao Building is located across Hicks Library, one block behind Phi Delta Theta. So if you missed this one, be sure to attend the second one.

What do you think of our involvement in the exhibition? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates from us and be sure to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!  


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