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Batman #17: Death of the Family conclusion review

As today Death of the family come to conclusion with Batman #17, I'll give you my review but beware it contains SPOILERS !! Does it lives up to its reputation ? Hit the jump to find out !

   It started with Batman #13 and went through all the bat-family titles. It was told to be the best arc and better than The Killing Joke. Finally it ended with Batman #17, so who died ? Well here is the spoiler : NO ONE (I don't even think Joker died despite of its ending ).

    Now, this might be frustrating as we've been hoping someone is gonna died regardless whether it is Gordon, or Alfred, some even said Damien is gonna die.  But then, read my thought and you know why this arc is known as Death of the Family.

    First time we heard this arc is when Jason Todd died because of The Joker. Hence this has sort of misleading to think someone is gonna die at the end of the story. However Scott Snyder redefined the entire phrase by showing that it was not about someone died in the story, it is about when you lost the family relationship  where the family is considered dead or to put it simply- Bat-Family NO MORE !! This was clearly showed at the end of the story where everyone just simply trying to get away from Bruce.  For me that is what Scott Snyder was trying to show all a long.

     At the end of the story, everyone was scarred somewhere inside them which Bruce clearly know how they feels. Even though it seems like Batman accidentally killed Joker but I think he will return in the future hopefully for a more wicked plan.  

      Personally, I like the ending more even though I myself expected someone died. A death of a relationship is more painful than a death of someone. This is the main point Scott since he set up the arc from Batman #13 and I believe it will give a long lasting effect to the whole Bat-family.

       Greg Capullo art is as incredible as usual and you wouldn't be disappoint reading it.  The Joker is a hideous as ever and the panel where Joker's face flies blown by the wind is simply epic.

        Batman's Death of the Family is simply great. I wouldn't say it was better than The Killing Joke because I never read it but in terms of who he defines the phrase itself by giving us a sort of twisted ending make the book worth to read. I give the whole arc 4.5 out of 5.
 ps: I do a little frustrated no one died in the end.

        What do you think of Batman's Death of the Family? Sound of your thought in the comment section and don't forget to become a fan of Comikrew Studio !!


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