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CHU 0RIGIN will be going on hiatus, National Crisis production is put on hold

After two outing, the prequel tie-in of CHU, CHU 0RIGIN will be put on hiatus until an announced date while National Crisis production is currently on hold. More news after the jump.

    NightMoth: CHU 0RIGIN and Starshield:CHU 0RIGIN have opened a whole new long-lasting arc for Comikrew Studio after the end of Chronicle of Tri which last for ten years. However, today Comikrew Studio decided to put all the upcoming title of CHU 0RIGIN on hold despite of the new promo released yesterday. This means that next week Stickerman and March Mooonlight will be taken out from the released calender of Comikrew Studio. At the same time while Countdown 2 National Crisis is moving on pretty well, the production of National Crisis is currently on hold. However whether this will affect its released date is still yet to be known.  feettri, the big guy of Comikrew Studio has released an official statement on their action for CHU 0RIGIN and the current status of national Crisis.

On CHU 0RIGIN is put on hiatus :
NightMoth: CHU 0RIGIN and Starshield: CHU 0RIGIN have clearly kick-start CHU, and I'm sure many fan is anticipating the next outing of CHU 0RIGIN. However on the my ends, I am busy on other stuff and really don't want to just come with a story for the sake of released date. Stickerman is already on post-production but it didn't seem like it gonna make it next week while I'm still struggling on coming out with a story for Moonlight. I'm not sure when the next outing of CHU 0RIGIN will be available but I don't see it at least until the end of March.

On the current status of National Crisis :
Yeah, it is currently on hold but everything is set including the storyline. Trust me, it undergoes numerous amount of rewrite to come out with a great story. I don't want to [freak]-ed this up because this is my dream project.My plan is to still maintain its released date on June but we'll see how it gonna be. While it not gonna be a long one, expect some hiatus between the end of Scoutknight and the released of National Crisis.

With all CHU 0RIGIN titles are removed, Hackerdroid #3 is set to come out this week while National Crisis 0RIGIN: Dice #1 will be available on March 8 before Comikrew Studio goes for a long hiatus until April for Spring Break.


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