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NightMoth: CHU 0RIGIN is out at MangaMagazine.Net

Hi guys !! Apparently Mayan's prediction is wrong !! Thank God for that. As some a sign for a new age (some sort), NightMoth : chapter 0RIGIN is now available at MangaMagazine. Net. Check the comic by clicking the picture below. BEWARE : THE COMIC IS RATED 18+

  • Azandra Suhaili set out to investigate her mother's death with her only ability - seducing man
  • Who is behind all the serial killing involving the prostitutes
  • Also, special guest appearances - The Hero

What do you think of the stories ? Surely it has the potential to be the most controversial CHU comic for now. Sound off your thought at the comment section .Comikrew Studio will be (unfortunately) on hiatus for two weeks for Christmas and New Year. We'll be back in two weeks after that. Check our solicitations for 2013 at the blog to keep up to date with our comic. Don't forget to check our website and be a fan of Comikrew Studio.  


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