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Hi guys !! Winter break is near and hopefully those who are having one is preparing everything you got to be warmer. Another Marvel NOW! outing -one that most fans are waiting- was available yesterday; Avengers #1. Even before, the preview was available, fan were excited especially knowing that Jonathan Hickman; the guy who is responsible killing The Human Torch (though he was revived few issues later) will penned it. However, does it really like everyone thought too or just a complete disappointment? Here I will tell my review on it. BEWARE: SPOILER ALERT

         I never read Hickman's stuff before but from what I heard from the fans and reading, his writing was terrific. I had to say that it is right. Avengers #1 starts with a bang of few unexplainable sequences before went to focus on Tony Stark wanting The Avengers to get bigger.

         What did I like about this issue is how he subtly explains Tony and Steve close relationship just through few panel without the need to stretch throughout the issue. That is one of the missing element in Whedon's The Avengers but Hickman nailed it at the right place. Unlike Bendis that bring the whole X-Men back into one issue in his All New X-Men, this issue of Avengers only focus primarily on two characters ; Tony Stark and Steve Rogers (with the exception of the villains trio). It does left especially me with numerous amount of questions about the characters that what makes the book worth to follow.

        There is some Easter Egg like a panel featuring The Illuminati for New Avengers and Hulk and Thor disagreement (for those who followed Marvel Comic through Marvel Cinematic Universe).

         Done with the writing, I'll touched a little bit Jerome Opena's artwork. The artworks are marvelous. The key element of his artwork is his cleanliness in arranging his panel. It proper and easy to follow (This maybe affected by Hickman's writing too). The characters were done in a fantastic detail especially Aleph; one of the villains. However there is some hiccup like he somehow making The Hulk looks like a retard child and making Thor looks like some Goldilocks Cosplay which is sometimes fun to laugh but also quite disturbing. Hyperion who was supposed to look majestic in the earlier panel was also somehow reduced to a child look in the final page. However this does not affect the overall reading experience of the book.

        All in all Avengers #1 is a good start for a new universe of The Avengers. Hickman really does the job in making it to be the flagship of Marvel. Jerome Opena on the hand is the right guy for the artwork but I hope he improves in the future issues. It is a great reading for issue 1 and I recommend it to everyone especially for those who is looking for something as a starter to follow Marvel comic (All New X-Men is recommended but there are too many connection with the previous AVX). I give 5 stars for Avengers #1.

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