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Comic Book World 2012 :A - Z

Hi, everyone !! Happy New Year to-be. Its an very exciting year for Comic Book World. This is a stuff done by a writer in paper that I read a few years ago. So today as 2012 is coming to the end, we give you some of the significant moment of Comic Book World from A-Z. Hit the jump to find out !!

A- AvX

This year the world is brought into a two-sided war of the biggest universe ever. AvX pitched the mutantkind of X-men and heroeskind of Avengers in a 12 issue comic. The arc that started so great and exciting especially when the Phoenix force break into five part and consuming Cyclops, Colossus, Emma Frost, Namor, and Magik. Unfortunately the ending was not a very good one due to the reason it was used for the prologue of Marvel NOW.  Not to forget of the changing status of Cyclop from a good leader to a some sort of supervillain.

B-Bryan Hitch
Due to confusing creativity issue, Bryan Hitch decided to leave Marvel after 10 years. One of the reason it happened was when his draft for Spiderman was rejected due to a more "Superior" draft. One of his comment on his leave was Marvel has lost its creativity-freedom.

C-Cyclop is right
When Marvel NOW started, a campaign begins for Cyclops in order to defend his action during AvX. At the same time, it is also act as an opposing campaign for what Marvel done in bringing Cyclops down into a status of villain. Yet some fan like what happen as it takes us to the old bad-ass Cyclops.

D-Death of The Family

Scott Snyder leads the super cross-over of Joker bringing hell to Batman's life. No doubt most fans consider it as the best arc of Batman yet in New 52 and one of the top contender against AvX. There is hiccup among the other title but in term of Batman, it gives the fan the memories Heath's Joker especially with its gruesome face.

E-Earth Mightiest Heroes

Marvel Studio finally bring its biggest heroes into one movie in The Avengers.  With the mind of Joss Whedon, he manages to equally put the heroes into the movie without taking not even one of them from granted. The best part is his success to put Hulk back into the same level as Iron Man in term of fan-favorite characters. Not to forget the awesome Thanos sequence.

F-Future of MCU
Fan should have anticipated this as Marvel announces its second phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe that will lead to The Avengers 2. Next year begins with Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World. 2014 brought us another assemble through Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 2015 once again brings fan to craze with The Avengers 2 and not forget the long awaited Ant-Man.

G-Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Not everything end up good. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance failed to impress fan especially those who have watch Ghost Rider. The fact that Ghost Rider: SOV is so frustrating despite its better design of Ghost Rider itself. The moral of this story; trailer can be so deceiving.

After successfully engineering Johnny Storm's death in Fantastic Four, Hickman proves to maintain his reputation by nailing the all new ongoing Avengers. Thought there is currently two issue in the market, the plot and story are pretty much convincing. His New Avengers introducing Illuminati is also one of the most anticipating Marvel NOW comic for next year.

I-It's not Peter Parker
Dan Slott decided to go bold by announcing the next year Superior Spider Man will not be Peter Parker. It was revealed in The Amazing Spider Man #700 that the new Spider Man will be Otto Octavius inside Peter's body. It is not sure whether Peter will be returned in the future, but based on what happen to Johnny Storm, he will be back in a year.

J- Justice League (?)
Warner Bros had announced that Justice League movie is in development and set to be released in 2015. It is confirmed that Man of Steel will be apart of the shared universe and Henry Cavill will be Superman in the movie. Numerous rumor is heard about this movie but one of it is that the movie will be in fact using an opposing strategy of Marvel Studio by assembling the characters in the movie before making a stand alone movie for each of them.

K- Kick- Ass 2
Kick - Ass is set to return for second time in 2014. Based on the filming picture leaked, the movie will be closely adapted from its comic book. Early review from Mark Millar revealed that the story will be great and just simply "Kick-Ass"

L- Lucasfillm
One of the most shocking news of the year is the announcement of Lucasfilm was bought by Disney. It is then followed by the announcement of all new trilogy set to be started in 2015. No official news about who will be directing or plot had been revealed but we should hear some of it soon.

M- Marvel NOW!
As the solution to fight against The New 52, Marvel comes up with its own Marvel NOW. It is considered as the post-event of AvX. Some of title line up is undoubtedly promising like All New X-Men and Avengers, not to forget FF. Some on the other had cause anger among the fan even before it is released like Superior Spider Man.

N - Nolan
Christopher Nolan is another name that had bring Comic Book Movie into another stage. After his successful reincarnation of Joker through The Dark Knight, he concludes the trilogy making it as the trilogy yet. This make the fan to anticipate Man of Steel more and hoping he will be the guy who will be helming Justice League despite he already mention his disinterest.

O - Origin of Watchmen
After the successful of Watchmen, DC decided to published and number of book involving what happen in the character before Watchmen started. It didn't get approval from Alan Moore which is the reason why the book didn't get a lot of support.

P - Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson had become a fan-favorite character in the MCU. Shockingly, he was killed in The Avengers. It is confirmed that he will be returning in the SHIELD series directed by Whedon. His future in MCU is yet unknown.

Q- Queen

DC decided to put the spotlight to one of their not-so-mainstream superheroes, Green Arrow. Using the alias of Arrow, the series used the dark and gritty style of Nolan to create a universe  of Starling City. The fast pace of the series really attracted a lot of fan and currently is among the most talked series. Based on its current reputation, its future is quite bright and might be the one who is able to out stand Smallville.

R- Rises !!

The conclusion of The Dark Knight is no doubt is a great one but not an amazing one. Some of the reason is the fact that the anti climax death of its villain. However Nolan manages to somehow break the trilogy curse as he manages to introduce a lot of new characters but at the same time creating such a wonderful movie for its trilogy. However the success of the movie is also helped by the fascinating performance of the actor especially Christian Bale himself.

S- Simon Baz

In order to increase diversity among superhero in United States, DC decided to introduce their first muslim superhero; Green Lantern Simon Baz. Despite being the replacement of Hal Jordan who is currently trapped inside his own ring, Simon quickly become fan favorite character among Lantern's fan.  His future after the Rise of The Third Army arc is yet unknown guessing that Hal will return for the Wrath of the First Lantern arc. However, we do know he will be a part of Justice League of America.

T- Tatum Factor
One of the shocking news among fan is the action of the Paramount to push the release date for GI Joe Retaliation to 2013. Despite their main excuse is to convert the whole movie into 3D, some believe that it was the fact that they are planning to re shot some of the scene involving Channing Tatum after his sudden popularity. The newest poster of the movie even includes him, so there is a possibility that he is alive instead of dead in the some sort of sequel.

U-Untold story
 Marc Webb decided to go on a very different by giving us the untold story of Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider Man. Closely adapted from the comic book compared to the previous trilogy, the movie focused on the tale of Peter's parent but at the same time change the origin of the spider power belong to Peter completely. Many fan like how Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone portray Peter and Gwen respectively but show a distaste of the direction taken in the story. The sequel promises us the story based on The Death of Gwen Stacy and the appearance of MJ Watson, hopefully this time they portray MJ correctly.

His success in rebooting (?) X-Men First Class is undeniable and he is seen as someone who will do justice to the X-Men franchise. However, his decision to pass the movie's sequel to Bryan Singer, the director of the first and second trilogy was certainly shocking. Rumor has it that he is up to direct another comic book movie but most of fan believe that he will be the director to helm the new Star Wars trilogy.

Call me whatever you want but Joss Whedon is the new God of the Geek through The Avengers. His success in putting all the big name into one movie certainly bring him from a small director who have some of failed serial drama into the new mastermind of MCU after Kevin Feige. He is currently writing the sequel for the movie and at the same time working on SHIELD drama series. I guess Arrow finally meet his nemesis.

X- Xavier R.I.P.

Brian Micheal Bendis decided to add another among the heroes he has killed; Charles Xavier. Though there is an effort of him to make it a little emotional, he certainly failed to do it . However the death was no doubt quick and painless. It also act as the turning point of Cyclops  turning himself into Dark Phoenix and the basis of the new X-Men comic. Bendis told the fan that Xavier's death will be permanent but up until now only two characters are permanently dead; Uncle Ben and Gwen Stacy.

Y- Yes, Its Superman and Wonder Woman

Believe it or not, this is actually how fan dream about this two most iconic superhero. After the change of status quo in Superman where Clark is not dating Lois Lane, Justice League make it better by putting Superman with Wonder Woman. What fan said to be a gimmick turn out to be a long lasting effect as this will effect the status of Justice League in the trinity war. However if Clark turns out to date Lois anyway then we can add another superhero in the gallery of heroes affair after Cyclops and Spiderman.

Z - Zero Month
This is the reason why Marvel NOW exist in the first place. Zero Month puts all DC Comic superhero into their story before issue of 1 of their comic. Some are done terribly like Red Hood and The Outlaw while others are great. Out of all 52, Justice League and Green Lantern come out as the best title of Zero Month as both of them introduces two characters who will give big effect to DC Universe; Shazam and Simon Baz.  Based on the look of Marvel NOW, DC's Zero Month do shakes Marvel out of their comfort zone.

So that's it. From A-Z of what happen in our comic book world. Hopefully 2013 will stay exciting as it is right now and trust me it will. Stay tuned for Comikrew's update on our comic. What do you think of our A-Z list ? Sound off your thought in the comment section and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !! Good bye 2012 and Hello 2013 !!


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