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So, thanksgiving holiday is getting near for those who are not in Malaysia while I think its school holiday right now in Malaysia. I guess its the best time to put away all our work and go for a movie time once a while isn't it? For me, the best movie to watch at the time like this is a movie that you can watch with your family and I suggest to you all this ; Wreck - It - Ralph which I consider the best animation movie of the year.

      Before you continue to read the review, I warn you there might spoiler along the way, SO DON'T READ if you don't want to ruin your excitement. Okay ?

      The moment I watch the trailer, I already expected the movie will be entertaining and worth to watch. However, I didn't expected a unique storyline form it. The story basically revolved around Wreck - It - Ralph; a bad character from an arcade game known as Fix-It-Felix. Bored being hated by people around him, he decided to jump into another game known as Hero's Duties to won a medal (an arcade hero usually get a medal in the end of the game). As he tried to get the medal, he accidentally unleashed a virus and brought it together with him to another game; Sugar Rush. There, he meet a character which later revealed as a "glitch" (well, that's a twist in that later in the movie) . There, Wreck-It-Ralph had to learn what it is the true meaning of being a hero.

       The best part of the movie is not the storyline, its actually the elements inside it. Arcade, characters cameo that appeared at certain point of the movie actually remind us in about our inner child and past time. For me, that what really makes the stories enjoyable.Other stuff like the background, environment are also one of the key element that allow it to be nice to watch.

       The storyline on the other hand was cliche for me but how they connected such a storyline to a characters and world of arcade are absolutely perfect fit. They managed to provide several punchline for us to laugh just through the storyline and characters without the needed of dialogue which make it such a great animation. Trust me the Sugar Rush game will make you laugh a lot just by seeing a doughnut cop and diet-coke volcano. The climax was intense and emotional until it almost make me cried. The reason I didn't ? It was too short. If it was a little longer like the one in Toy Story 3, I'll be crying for sure.

     The performance of the actor was great. It match perfectly with the characters they voice for. Credit to Sarah Silverman for successfully voice the character of Vanellope von Schweetz and making her sound so cute ( and annoying ).

       The ending on the other hand is a Disney cliche but worth to watch. For me, all of these element successfully blend themselves together and provide a totally enjoyable movie to watch with your family.

     Wreck-It-Ralph has everything that you can expect from Disney but the theme in it gives a little bit of unique flavor. A movie that is worth to watch and you will not be regret. The best part is, it allow us to enjoy and remember our childhood time without had to feel shy because everyone is doing the same. For Wreck-It-Ralph, I give a full 5 star !!!

     Hopefully this review will help you to decide what to do during the holiday. What do you think of Wreck-It-Ralph ? Sound off your thought at the comment section. Don't forget to check out our comic at MangaMagazine and become a fan of Comikrew Studio. More review will come soon and Happy Thanksgiving and Happy holiday !!


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