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Hi, guys !!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !! Hopefully everyone is enjoying their holiday. Few weeks ago, Comikrew Studio reached the end of the first stage for Countdown 2 National Crisis Arc which at the same time marked the beginning of CHU. Though we are currently on hiatus, we do say to wait for update from us right? Today, we give you'll some update on what to expect for December 2012 and beyond !!

Before the end of the year 2012, and most probably the world... We present to you printed version of Aoi's Love Diary and National Crisis : The Beginning #1. Not only that, another chapter for CHU 0RIGIN will be also available on that month; NightMoth.

Official cover for printed version of Aoi's Love Diary

Official cover for National Crisis: The Beginning #1

CHU ORIGIN : NightMoth  (Parental Advisory)


If somehow we survive Doomdays on December and manage to see 2013, these are some that will be waiting for you all !! The second stage of Countdown 2 National Crisis which featured Hackerdroid, National Crisis 0RIGIN :Dice, and Scoutsknight. Printed version for National Crisis : The Beginning #2 and The Spade #1-#2 will be out. Don't forget the next chapter of CHU 0RIGIN: Starshield and a new ongoing series; Starshield !! Besides that expect the Malay Version of Countdown 2 National Crisis - First Stage will be available.

Second stage for Countdown 2 National Crisis Arc
Hackerdroid #1 - #3
National Crisis 0RIGIN :Dice #1 - #3

Scoutknight (expected episode #1-#3)
Official Cover for printed version of National Crisis : The Beginning #2
Official Cover for Printed Version of The Spade #1

Official Cover for Printed Version of The Spade #2
Starshield, a new ongoing series.

So, I hope you'll are excited for what gonna happen next in Comikrew Studio !! Continue to follow us and become a fan of Comikrew Studio. What do you think of Comikrew Studio's upcoming plan and comics ? Sound off your thought at the comment section !!


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