Zombi Hutan Pawana I CKOM-eback!!
SMAP XV: Ratna Reunion Read it now at Tapas
SMAP XV: Closure Read it now at Tapas
SMAP 15th Anniversary A look back of my proudest work
Chronicle: Earth Union is back !!

The Spade #2 is out at MangaMagazine !!!

CHU continues this week with The Spade #2 !! With that marked the end of first phase of National Crisis chapter 0RIGIN. Want to read the conclusion of the birth of The Avengers of Love ? Click the picture below to read !!

  • Damien returns to investigate the supposedly-solved Aoi's murder case
  • Will Agarashi Takahama be punished for the crime he had done.
  • What actually happened to Casey ? Did he survived ?  

Starting from next week, Comikrew Studio will be on hiatus until a future date. Continue to check the blog and website for the update on when the next comic gonna come out. So, what do you think on the end of The Spade ? Sound off your thought at the comment section and don't forget to become a fan of Comikrew Studio !!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!



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