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My fall drama season finally kicks off (well, it already last week), but officially with the premiere of Quantico season 2; spelled Quan2co (really ?). Well, despite that awful name, Quantico is still my most anticipated drama for this year. Hit the jump to find out my thought on its first episode.

So for those who never heard about this show, it follows Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) who joins the FBI academy only to be framed for terrorist a year later. Season 1 ends with Alex clears up her name and caught the man who's responsible (spoiler ?) and later being offered to join CIA.

Season 2 maintains the dual timeline formula of season one. So it picks up 6 months after the end season 1 and a year later. Speaking of same formula, almost all the tropes used in season one also returns. Alex and Ryan still end up on the same place in the 6 month timeline. They relationship is still in pieces in the one year timeline. They still in an academy, only this time it's CIA and they still have weird roommates (as always).

That being said, season 2 also brings different flavor. While we are definitively know almost everything in the 6 months, there is a lot of question for the other timeline unlike season 1 where both timeline is a bit blurry.

In term of plot, you got caught right away with the story with the to me a very meta double twist at the beginning of the episode regarding Alex's position and mission as well as Ryan's, but at the end make you think, "wait, what allegiance Alex is now. FBI ,CIA, or neither".A lot of interesting points that seems cliche but then reveal to be not like the reveal of terrorist, the stand of the POTUS, and the cliffhanger at the end.
One interesting kudos to the writer was to not make Alex as a superhero during her fight scene. Despite she is capable, she is a woman and would still have problem to fight a man.

Some of the old cast returns, of course I mentioned Alex and Ryan. We also got Shelby who's now being reassigned to FBI and half of the Amin twins; Raina while she mentioned that she's an interpreter, we don't really know her exact role currently. The Haas get a mentioned but Now Vice President Claire Haas is nowhere to be seen despite being hint as the next big bad. Miranda also returns briefly in the 6 months timeline .We also know that Ryan is in relationship with someone else in the 1 year timelinebut it is yet to be revealed (definitely not Shelby).

In term of new cast, most of them is yet to be explored with one of them already dead. Owen Hall, the seemingly this season big bad is convincing as the CIA camp instructor but the other instructor; Hall's daughter (I can't even remember her name) is not. That is also very unfortunate because that only came out at the very end of the episode as she is under disguise in most of it.

If there's any other weakness other that the other instructor. There's too many, "Oh ,not this again" moment. While some of it subvert your expectation, that really take you out for a while. Also, I am so tired of Ryan-Alex 'will they, won't they'. Just decided it already. You can have happy family in FBI or CIA. JJ in Criminal Minds already proves that.

Overall, it is a very intense premiere and I am looking forward to see what's next for this series. In the end, I gave the premiere of Quantico a 4.5 out 5.0. It is the dark and gritty 21 Jump Street (as they keep to be under disguise into training academy) and it kicks off with very few flaws and interesting storyline.

What do you think of the first episode of Quan2co ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Malaysian viewers can actually watch the show on AXN,every Monday at 10pm so be sure to tune in. Also, don't forget to follow and like Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to my comic at Tapastic and finally, follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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