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Comikrew October preview

I'm might be light on my own release schedule next month, but the world is not. With NYCC is coming, fall TV series finally kicking off, and few surprise released, October might be the busiest month of all. Hit the jump to see what's coming next month on Comikrew.

Lets start with my own release schedule. Chronicle will follow its normal biweekly schedule with chapter 42 and 43. Chronicle release date will be change a little bit, you'll get the release a day ahead on Tapastic. The one listed here is the released date on the blog. You might get a pleasant surprise with Comikrew Love Story but nothing set in stone yet.

Chronicle #42 ( Oct. 6th, 2016)

  • The battle against Central Military started !!
  • Trowa and Amy are having trouble against their respective opponent, but can they turn the tide ?
  • Meanwhile Onimaru and Allan seems to be evenly match until one of them used his secret weapon.
  • Helios Dragon finally steps up.

Chronicle #43( Oct. 27th, 2016)

  • The battle against Central almost reaching the conclusion until the cavalry arrives.
  • However, for whom this cavalry for ?
  • Helios Dragon goes serious, and his true power shocks Nia.

For Comikrew Love Story, I might release another one-shot, but as it is currently waiting for a publisher response, so it is still up in the air.

In term of review, I got few stacked up next month. Two are confirmed which is Digimon Adventure Tri part 3 and Batman :Return of the Caped Crusader. There are some more Fall drama that I might be watching but I'm not sure if I'm gonna review them all. Another one on my probably list is The Girl on the Train. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna watch it, but don't know if I can fit a review in.Finally, NYCC is coming in October. So expect a similar recap as I did for SDCC.

So what do you think of next month preview ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more update by following and liking Comikrew Studio right here and on Facebook. Be sure to like my comic on Tapastic and finally don't forget to follow and hit me on Twitter.


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