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Suicide Squad review

The third movie of DCEU hit the theaters last week and while it has been hurt by bad reviews, sometimes you just need to go and watch it yourself to figure it out. However, if you don't want to take that risk, hit the jump to read my thought about this movie.

I enjoyed Man of Steel, I ok-ed BvS, so what do I think of Suicide Squad ? Other than I had to hold from taking a leak, I actually enjoy this movie. In fact, this might be one of DCEU movie that I will definitely watch again.

Before I dive into this movie, there are things I need to say. First off all, this is not your standard superhero movie. In fact, it feels like a Fast and Furious movie superhero-styled (not that that franchise is not superhero enough). The way each of the character portrayed are like real bad and nasty people in real life, brought into a superhero movie becoming a comic book villain.

Secondly, there's a reason why it is call DCEU and not DCCU. Marvel is famous to bring the same tone of their comic into their movie and they tend to bleeding each other. DC on the other hand are playing their Multiverse concept in their Cinematic Universe. This is not your comic book character you known from your comic book. So when coming in and watch this movie, leave all your impression of your comic book character behind and watch it with an open mind and then you can decide you like it or not.

To me, some character I liked it more than others, but lets get into the plot first. Amanda Waller sets up a team of bomb-planted supervillain task force to do a mission that any superhero refuses to. When a city was attacked, the team was sent in for a mission and they have to complete it or this might be their last. That's all I'm gonna say as I don't want to spoil more of this movie. One thing I have to say the movie is similar to Mad Max: Fury Road as the plot is very simple. Ayer successfully craft a story that even by the end, the mission is essentially still the same as the one they brought in the first place.I actually like the sort-of twist in the middle of the movie as it reveals the actual mission the squad was brought in.

Having said that, some might disgust with this movie. There are two scenes during Harley's introduction that be make or break in this movie. One is when her brought into the prison and the second one in the night club. This might be two scenes that if you hate it, then it might leaves a sour taste throughout the movie.

Now we talk character. Waller, Deadshot, Diablo, and Katana was definitely the highlight of the movie. Rick Flagg, Enchantress, Boomberang, and Harley Quinn are good but there are some wonky character development. Joker doesn't sit well with me but I don't know what is it. In term of cast, everybody was great in their respective role. Jai Courtney might actually found the role he was born into. I don't know why but I really like Scoot Eastwood appearance as a nobody in this movie. He looks like a young modern soldier and looks cool with it.

The Joker's role in the present timeline feels a little bit shoehorned and too convenient at times. The main villains feels under-development and the main henchman was definitely a nothing character despite a very terrifying intro at the start. More on this later.

Speaking of character, there are two Justice League members that are making a cameo in this movie. One is Batman who somehow always a better appearance as Bruce Wayne and another one who have a blink or you miss appearance and it looks spectacular.

In terms of effects, there is nothing big as the movie feels very grounded. The Diablo's fire effect was the highlight in this movie except for what he did at the end of the movie. Enchantress make up and effect are pretty cool and look like a legit witch especially considering she was portrayed be Cara Delevigne which I absolutely adore (she was good in Papertown).

In terms of costume and make up. Both Joker's and Harley's tattoo end up not disturbing at all. While at first I thought Ayer doesn't know how to create comic book character costume, it turns up to look good on screen. I do have some complaint with the costume in which I get into later.

Finally action, having drawing comic myself , I always know that weaponized action sequence tend to feel a little bloodless and it is apparent in this movie. The action sequence involving weapon or super power always feel brief, in comparison to the final action sequence where everyone is fighting a hand to hand combat, were much exciting and enjoyable despite how bad some part of it turn out to be.

 Finally, the ending. It was a more brighter ending in comparison to Man of Steel and BvS, and it capable to set up the return of the villain down the line. Some said the prison break at the end was shoe-horned, it was fine to me though I would rather have it more elaborate like the Joker's heist in The Dark Knight rather than looks like a terrorist attack.

Despite all the shiny reviews above, this movie does have flaws. The main villains was underdeveloped and I wish to see more of the abilities that just teleportation and mind-controlling ability. The main henchman had a very terrifying introduction that feels like an alien movie before downgraded into a silence huge CGI henchman.

Harley Quinn have some wonky dialogue especially in the bar scene and Boomberang also did something out of character at the end of the movie. Other than that, they are portrayed quite good. I want to see more of Boomberang's Boomberang gadget and it also fun to see that none of it actually come back to him.

My big big problem was actually the butt shot. Ayer almost fall into the comic book problem of over sexualized female character. There are several times where Harley was over sexualized and even more than that featuring her butt shot. I was super uncomfortable with one butt shot in Fast and Furious movie let alone more than that. Luckily he didn't do the same for Enchantress, or that would be the make or break moment for then.

In the end, I gave the movie a 3.5 out 5.0. I enjoyed it but this is not a movie suitable for kids as the visual is a bit uncomfortable at times. I wish the see the villain more and I do want to see more of them in the future.

What do you think of Suicide Squad ? Do you enjoy it ? Hate it like everyone else or actually don't care about it ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. I think this will be last summer movie review so stay tuned for more when the winter comes. To keep up to date with my activity, be sure to follow and like Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic at Tapastic and finally be sure to follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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