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2016 Ramadhan/Eid event

 Sorry for the delay, I had to go for an outstation trip. However, now that we almost reach Ramadhan, it is now the time to reveal what awaits for this year Ramadhan/Eid event 2016.

In tradition of previous year, I'll be doing an Eid/Ramadhan event and in tradition of this year, I'm toning it down a little as there will be only one title released under short comic issue. Also, in tradition of my Eid/Ramahan event, I'll be revisiting some of my old title (SMAP in 2013, National Crisis in 2014, Budak Kampung in 2015) and this year in conjunction of 10 years of Musytopia, I choose to revisit this fictional town with the story titled "Eid Without You".

First look at the Raya 2016 poster
It will also be the main theme of this year Eid event which is "The Eid is not the Same Without You". "Eid Without You" will tell the story of event that moves the subplot in SMAP involving the Claz family. I will not tell you what the happen but if you have read SMAP before you would immediately know.

However as this is a prequel for the story, you would not need to know anything prior to read this. It is a bonus though if you know something. The comic will actually be a little off-style to my previous Eid comic as it does feature a very different fashion appearance from all the character.

Hurairah and Ati from the comic
As from the previous comic, I always try to get a different feeling from my comic. Both Kasih Lebaran and Attack of Hantu Raya has a more local, Malay drama look and Lebaran Adventure has this more superhero look due to nature of where they are set. For "Eid Without You", it will have a more western, US TV drama look. There are several reason for this; one, Musytopia has always been portray as a more western look small rural area and the story is set in an art college, hence the characters are being portray to be a bit local fashion savvy and a bit experimental on how they wear.

When will this story kicks off ? There will be 4 issue spread out throughout Ramadhan and Eid with the Malay version being released in bulk closer to the Eid. The very first issue kicks off at June 15th. So be sure to go to Tapastic on that date.

So what do you think of Eid Without You ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. To get more update on my comic and review, be sure to follow and like Comikrew right here or on Facebook. In preparation for Eid Without You, you can head to Tapastic to read the previous Eid/Ramadhan special and be sure to subscribe to my comic.Finally, don't forget to follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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