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Comikrew April preview

April apparently will be a slow month as only Chronicle is set to released within that month. However, more movie review are coming up. Hit the jump to know what coming to Comikrew Studio this April.

In term of comic released, you won't be seeing much as only two chapter of Chronicle is set to released within that month. However, I am busy finishing up this year Eid special so expect some sort of update that month. At the same time, summer movie season officially kicking off. So I will be reviewing Captain America : Civil War and the upcoming Justice League vs Teen Titan.

Chronicle #34 (13th April, 2016)
  • The debut of Helios Dragon
  • Who is this mysterious Helios Dragon and how does he end up in his current condition
  • Trowa wishes to find Dante but her meeting with Akuma Onimaru will change everything
Chronicle #35 (27th April, 2016)
  • Trowa's first encounter with Onimaru and Helios Dragon kick off with a bad start
  • Will Onimaru willing to help her after the mess she did ?
  • Enter the Helios Federation Military
 What do you think of the episode set to release in April ? It might not be much be I can assure you it is worth to wait. Sound off your thought on the episode's preview in the comment. Stay tuned for more comic updates and movie review by following Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to my comic at Tapastic and finally follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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