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Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice review

The DC Extended Universe has finally kicking off with the release of Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice. With the return of Superman and the addition of Batman and Wonder Woman, will this movie able to return the faith of audiences, fans and critics to the universe of will it be just as divisive as Man of Steel ? Hit the jump to know my thought.
Batman V Superman has been the movie that I've been waiting for since its first announced. I was fine with Man of Steel, feels like it could use a lot more of bright moment but overall it was okay. For Batman V Superman, I think it is just like Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron. It had great ideas but not explored enough, but unlike Avengers 2 where all those shoehorned scene end up hurt the movie, this one while unnecessary, didn't hurt it.

Lets back track a little and talk about what happen in them movie. The movie actually takes place a year and half later from the incident in Man of Steel. Superman while found his place in the world, he still trying to figure out what he should be and what can he do so people will finally forgot the fact the he flatten Metropolis a year and a half ago. Enter Lex Luthor, who found something that could defeat Superman and trying to push the government to create a weapon that can kill Superman when needed. At the same time in Gotham, Batman suddenly returns to the world and he sees Superman as a threat and aim to take him down.

I think that's as far I can go with the story. Before I continue with the review, my best advise is to watch the movie without hearing any review and with zero knowledge what the movie about because that's the best you can enjoy it at the fullest. Why I am saying is because almost all the best scenes in the movie were spoiled in the trailer and that is my first issue.

However, lets not talk about the negative point first. Story wise, it was understandable throughout the movie. As I said earlier, there were some unnecessary scene especially the whole third act. To me, they can extend the Batman / Superman big fight and end it when Superman confront Luthor for a second time. I do like some of the decision in took in the movie, I like Perry's role in the movie, I like that Batman said 'Oh Shit', I like the reason why Batman stops fighting Superman, and I especially like the scene that happen which cause Superman to gone to isolation for a while and the reason why he did that.

Aside that all of those, the biggest point to give is that this movie is undeniably beautifully shot. The opening scene was the most beautiful rendering of that particulat scene. Every single scene was so comic booky, from the nightmare sequence, to the fight sequence and even that one sequence in space, it was very beautifully shot and I thing is really a plus factor for this movie. Another this need to address is this is a very Superman movie. While Batman in it, the whole movie was driven by what happen in Man of Steel and Superman was definitely the center of this movie. In fact, we don't really see Batman in action until the end of the movie.

Everybody in this movie is great. Henry Cavill continues to give a good portrayal of Superman, some people say they want to see more of him, but to me there is some scene in this movie and dialogue that define this Superman but I do want to see more of him as Clark Kent. Ben Affleck is great as Bruce Wayne, in fact I think this kudo goes to Chris Terrio because there is a clear line between his Bruce Wayne mask and the really Bruce Wayne especially in dialogue as the real Bruce Wayne seemingly always speak in anger.

Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is one of the bright spot of the movie. He's a fun guy to watch in this movie, and I like how he always trying to show that he is the smartest man on earth by quoting lines from literature but there's one scene where he stumbles and that just show it was all just for show. Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman was good in the movie. I don't particularly think she shows enough but I do like how the portrayal of the character in the movie. For think Lois Lane, I  think kudos to the Zack Snyder because taking initiatives to make this character more proactive that just a journalist.

Speaking of journalist, Laurence Fishburne's Perry White is absolutely one of the best cast in the movie. I really enjoy the clash of his ideology about modern newspaper and Clark's and I think this what makes this movie a more towards a Superman movie. However, lets not forget Jeremy Iron's Alfred who in this movie is a lot more cynical and hands on. I would enjoy to see him returns in the future installment with more cynical jokes.
Jokes, some people say it was boring because there were no jokes. Was that true ? I would say this is not a Marvel of Star Wars movie where every ten minutes there's joke even during an action scene. The movie deals with a very serious issue and taking it seriously. However, there is few bright moment, especially with Lex Luthor, Perry White and Alfred. One problem with its jokes are they are reference that foreign people might not get (that is especially true with the cinema I was watching) and that definitely hurt the movie.

Finally we come to this, the negative element of the movie. First of all unnecessary scene, this scene while some of it was one of the best moment in the movie, it certainly was shoehorned but something. The Knightmare sequence seems off and was just there for someone to appear while it was great, wasn't needed. The big climatic battle was there because they want to show Wonder Woman. Again great scene, wasn't needed. Fortunately, these two was a great scene so people don't mind with it despite it disturb the pacing unlike the cave bath scene in Avengers 2 which are unnecessary, uninteresting, and unclear.

Overall, I enjoy the movie. I wouldn't rewatch it immediately though as it is really long and heavy. A good start for DC Extended Universe despite it more divisive that Man of Steel. In the end, I give the movie 3/5. Great movie but unnecessary scene shoehorned in the movie and disturb the pacing of the movie. Luckily, they were great scenes.

 What do you think of Batman V Superman ? Do you enjoy it, hate it or don't care about it ? Do you agree with my opinion ?  Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movie review as the summer movie season has finally kick off (Can you believe it ? It is still spring). Follow and like Comikrew Studio right here and on Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic at Tapastic and finally follow me and hit me up on Twitter.


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