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Feettri talks about Chronicle:Helios Dragon and March preview

Chronicle returns on March with a new arc; Helios Dragon. Hit the jump to learn what to expect from this new arc and also a preview of what is coming in March.

Chronicle continues in March with a time jump of three years. After the incident in Pirate Brotherhood, Dante is no where to be found, Trowa is now with the Brotherhood and Helios Federation is finally step into the conflict. The question is, how does this all fit with this next arc ?

After the time jump, what can be expect from the status quo of the previous character ?
We will first Trowa and she is in a different places than we last seen in Pirate Brotherhood. There is a very close parallel between the beginning of this arc with the very first arc and that's where we meet all the new character. The rest of known character, we will meet further down the line.

First look of Helios Dragon
More important question, what is Helios Dragon ?
Not what but who. We actually see a glimpse of him, that might be a little bit of spoiler, in the epilogue of Pirate Brotherhood. He is actually the person who propel the story forward and make all the characters to meet in a one point.

How about Dante ? Do we learn anything about his whereabout ?
Not in this arc. As I mentioned in my closing for Pirate Brotherhood, this story is primarily inspired by 20th Century Boys and this arc will more focus on the effect caused from his presence and disappearance. What it cause to the people who heard about him, and especially to those know him in particular Trowa and Nia Azmir.

Speaking of Nia, how about her ? How does she changes from what happen in Pirate Brotherhood and especially after Adventure in Datartas ? 
Not at the early of the story, and not really in this arc. This arc will focus more on Trowa and Helios Dragon. However I will assure you that we will see more in the future arc.
Nia Azmir returns in Helios Dragon
What do you hope with this next arc of Chronicle ?
I really hope that readers will continue to enjoy this comic. As I mentioned in Adventure in Datartas, I've found the style that I want with the intermission and Helios Dragon continues this style. At the same time, I also hope that people will continue to comment so that I can continue to improve.

Chronicle: Helios Dragon will returns in March with chapter 32 and 33 and here is a preview of what coming this March.

Chronicle #32 ( March 11, 2016)
  • Chronicle returns with a special four color pages.
  • Three years has past and Trowa is still searching for Dante
  • Her search brought her to a town and mysterious female sniper.
  • However, does meeting ends well for her ?

Chronicle #33 (March 23,2016)
  • Who is Amethyst Thompson ?
  • Why she suddenly decided to attack Trowa ?
  • What secret does she hold between her, Dante, and Pirate Brotherhood ?
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