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National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure is now available to read at Tapastic

Comikrew Eid Special event ends with the final title; Lebaran Adventure. Hit the jump to see the characters of National Crisis celebrates Eid in their own weird way.

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 Everybody celebrate Eid no matter who including our Malaysian Finest hero; The Sentinel Squad. In National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure, we'll be seeing our hero celebrating Eid.
  • Rania Mokhtar forced Aswad to follow her back to her hometown, but first lets go shopping.
  • Musashi is hanging at the end of his life while saving a girl in a rescue mission.
  • Armain is heading for late night drinks and got stuck with a firecracker smuggler
  • Su Claz reminiscing her memory celebrating Eid with her father.

What do you think of Lebaran Adventure ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Comikrew Studio will resume its regular title in August. Stay tuned for the title preview at the end of this month. Like and Subscribe to us at Facebook , Youtube, and Tapastic to keep up to date with our info. Finally don't forget to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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