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Kasih Lebaran #3 is now available,Comikrew reveals Raya special poster,and talks about Attack of the Hantu Raya

With Eid is only few days away, Comikrew Studio finally releases Raya special poster and talk a little bit about the upcoming Eid Special titles; Attack of the Hantu Raya. Hit the jump to check it out.

It took some times but it is finally here. With the theme of Back to the Roots, the poster's look is taken from the page of Attack of the Hantu Raya in which it features Tri and Ziera and that suits the theme of Back to the Roots perfectly as those two characters were those who kicked off this Raya event in the first place in 2013.

The poster was originally plan to be bigger and features a lot more character but due to time constraint, we had to reduce the size of the poster. However we do think that it still deliver the message of Back to the Roots perfectly. We promise we will release the full size when it is finishes in the future.

Attack of the Hantu Raya will be our new Eid Special titles this year, and of course with that it has to fit the theme perfectly. For this title, we decided to go back to the roots by bringing the story back to where I started doing comic in the first place; Jati Village. Not just that, I also decided to choose the sci-fi romance genre and features the firs couple I ever made; Tri and Ika.

Attack of the Hantu Raya has two plots that drive its story. One is the sci-fi plot in which they are dealing with the missing children that is believed to be kidnapped by Hantu Raya. The second plot deals with Ziera's insecurity of her feeling towards Tri and how she is envy towards the close friendship of Tri and Ika who once was a love couple.

I'm pretty sure if you are a fan of my light and fluffy love story like Aoi's Love Diary and Parker's Guidebook of Dating, this is one of those kind. Be sure to check the English version on Tapastic at July 15th and the Malay version at Mat Komik when it is available.

And if you are impatient, you can still catch up with the last part of Kasih Lebaran that is now available at Mat Komik.
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So what do you think of the Eid special poster ? And are you excited with Attack of the Hantu Raya ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for Attack of the Hantu Raya at Tapastic and the Malay version at Mat Komik. Be sure to like and subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic. Finally, don't forget to keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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