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Justice League : God and Monster Chronicles is a series of short videos released on Machinima as prologue for the upcoming Justice League : God and Monster movie set to released this July. What do I think of this incarnation of a darker and twisted Trinity ? Hit the jump to check it out.

Before I start the review, this will be a full spoiler review. The series are available free online and is about 15 minutes in total so it won't take much of your time before reading the review.

Split into three episodes, it focuses on each of the member of the DC Trinity in which Batman is Kirk Langstrom; a vampire, Superman is Zod's son and Wonder Woman is Ares; Goddess of War. Within no more that 6 minutes, each story manage to establish each of the character personality and that is what good about this series, there is very little exposition but you understand clearly what is going on and the characteristic of each of the character.

Based from what I watch, it seems like the character that got the least changes is Wonder Woman. I don't if it is because Bruce Timm don't want to get flagged or is it because I am most familiar with the New 52 Wonder Woman and it almost the same except for the sexual part, which I will get to later.

The one that is most interesting is Superman. He is portrayed as Zod's son so you expect him to just fight without care of anyone Man of Steel style. However, while he is shown to not care of the people around him, he is also shown to rather not kill his enemy unless he doesn't have a choice as he presumably gave Braniac a lobotomy and regret it. To be honest ,it seems like a slap to the face for Man of Steel as the scene portray a Superman who kill his enemy and regret it much better that what is show in the movie.

Batman on the other hand still a detective of sort but just don't mind sucking the blood of his enemy (to death? still up for debate). I guess that is what interesting with the series, all three portrayal to some extent is still the trinity but Bruce Timm decided to just change on aspect of the character. The characteristic that is most recognizable to the audience. His story doesn't have that much to talk about other than you have a special appearance from Harley Quinn. I am actually interested to see if Bruce Timm decided to play off the charming part of the vampire for the Bruce Wayne persona.

As I mentioned earlier, Wonder Woman has the very least changes I think except she is more sexual as shown at the of the series. Again, just one changes in the character and it is the one that the audience recognize the most. Wonder Woman has never been known to be dominating and sexual and that is a  twist in this character. Her story is mostly focus on her dialogue with Steve Trevor which in here is portrayed as the typical reverse damsel in distress for Wonder Woman.

Other than interesting portrayal of the character, everything else is top notch as expected from a DC animation. Out of all the animation that DC has released recently, this one is a stand up especially after a mediocre release of the two earlier this year.

Overall this is a must watch  for everyone. One thing that I am wondering is if this known to everyone because it is release and promote only on Machinima and DC this week so if you don't follow either of those two, you would never have known. However, I guess this is aimed to a hardcore fan so for that it is find and DC seemingly being focusing on their fan and cult following based on the trend of their products.

In the end, I gave the series a solid 5.0 out 5.0. A very good and enjoyable animation. I am looking forward for the movie and if you haven't check it, go check it out. I didn't spoil much of the story, so you can still enjoy it in its entirety.

What do you think of Justice League : God and Monster Chronicles ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more review and updates from us. Be sure to like and subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic. Finally, keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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