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Comikrew Raya Special trailer is out and feettri talks about Love Tale in Lebaran

Ahead of the releases of the first part of Love Tale in Lebaran, Comikrew Studio has released the trailer for this year raya event as well and Feettri Ibrahim (writer/artist of Love Tale in Lebaran) talks about what to expect for the title.

The trailer for this year event has been released few days ago but some of you might have miss it. From the trailer we can see when to expect to see each title being released and one of it would be Love Tale in Lebaran in which the title is set to released next Monday.

Set two years after the prologue that is already available on Tapastic, Love Tale in Lebaran are three issues story set to released throughout this Ramadhan. Feettri Ibrahim, the artist and writer offer some insight on the story.

Tell a little bit of the story
The story is set two years later and deals with what happen in prologue. As similar to the story that features Tri as the character, it will be mostly a Ziera story of her feeling helpless in saving the one she loves. When the story first released in 2013, it is mostly done for the fan of SMAP but, this time I aim to make it accessible to  new readers as well and that is why the prologue exist.

What plan stores for this title
You could say that this is a pilot experiment to see which genre that I am doing that have more fan. I currently have five titles (includes re-released and new titles)on planning stages and based on the reception of the Raya special, I am planning to move forward some of them.

Your hope
I am hope people will enjoy the story. I know I have more readership on my love story than my action story and I think other the Aoi's Love Diary, this another example of my true style in love story. If you are afraid to read due to its prior connection to SMAP, don't worry, as long as you have read the prologue, that is all you need.

Are you excited to read the first issue of Love Tale in Lebaran ? What do you think of the trailer ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Love Tale in Lebaran issue 1 will set to released next Monday so be sure to head here or Tapastic to check it out. Be sure to like or subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic. Finally don't forget to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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