Zombi Hutan Pawana I CKOM-eback!!
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SMAP XV: Closure Read it now at Tapas
SMAP 15th Anniversary A look back of my proudest work
Chronicle: Earth Union is back !!

Comikrew Studio August and Beyond Solicitations !!

Comikrew Studio is back after a long rest !! What's a better way to kick off our comeback other that releasing our upcoming lines of comic until the end of this year.

First off, Chronicle will returns this fall with the second arc; Pirate Brotherhood. Set to be released on September, Pirate Brotherhood continues The Demon's Son story as we will find out the back story of Nia Azmir as well as the true identity behind Dante's terrorist organization. Consist of 13 episodes, Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood will be released 6 pages biweekly with a back to back issues for the first released.

Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood (consist of Chronicle #10 - Chronicle #22)

  • Chronicle continues with Pirate Brotherhood.
  • Will Dante and Nia survive the train explosion ?
  • Who or What is Pirate Brotherhood ?
  • Also, witness the backstory of Nia Azmir and the source of her hatred towards terrorists.

 As we are nearing December, we will went into a special events of Comikrew10. It is actually the 10th anniversary of Comikrew Studio. Throughout the events, we will be releasing some of Comikrew's never seen before old comics as well as special issues of our current line of comics.

Comikrew10 : From Comikrew's Vault.
  • Get ready to read some of Comikrew's oldest comic !!
  • Hackerdroid begins here with Cyber Brawler.
  • 3 loves story for everyone !!

Comikrew10 : National Crisis #9 - Attack of the Batu Belah
  • National Crisis back to mission with a new enemy
  • Get ready to see a twist of the origin of Batu Belah
  • Can the National Crisis team beat this rock monster ?

Comikrew10 : My Boyfriend is a Superhero (Boifrenku Superhero)
  • A new serial comic with a bilingual release
  • Reenter the world of superhero again with a romantic superhero comic.
  • Amira is Nik Darius'  girlfriend who is unknown to her is Badang.
  • Watch her a she deal with her relationship life as she found out his boyfriend is a superhero.

Comikrew10 : Chronicle : Helios Dragon #1-#2
  • Chronicle continues with the third arc.
  • Three years after the incident at the of Pirate Brotherhood, the world has changes again.
  • Helios Federation finally enter the ongoing conflict between Central and Pirate Brotherhood.

My Boyfriend is a Superhero will be released similar to Chronicle in the format of  6 pages biweekly and set to be released around December while Chronicle : Helios Dragon is set to be released around January or February 2015 (If the world doesn't end by that time). So be sure to wait for the released  and more info about Comikrew10.

What do you think of our upcoming release and our upcoming events; Comikrew10 ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more comic updates and even more movie reviews. Be sure to like us on Facebook pages at Comikrew Studios and keep following us at our comic sites; Inkblazers.com and here at Comikrew Studio.


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