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Last article focus on the downfall of Malaysia animation and now we're back for the third part of focusing in the renaissance of Malaysia animation.

First of all, sorry for the delay, last week was a hectic week and we couldn't have a chance to release the final part of throwback 90's. So now we got past of that, lets get into action.

By 2005, the Malaysian animation was considered as good as dead, with more and more dubbed anime coming in as well as the return of a better in quality of American animation like Ben 10, Spongebob Squarepants and DC animation slate. However, it was around 2006 when Malaysian animation start to capture the attention of the people again. So, how could this happen ? What happen until they manage to rise back after quite a downfall ?  This part will focus on the reason of the return of animation and we will give you suggestion of Malaysia animation worth to watch in the next part.

3d animation
While a lot of American animation movies use 3d animation, most of the animated series only use hand-drawn animation or the not-so-good cell padding animation. Malaysian animation decided to go with a heavy use of 3d animation in their series. This give them the advantage as non of the foreign animation has done this yet up until recently (Green Lantern:TAS and Beware the Batman).

New formula and influence

Due to the heavy influence of anime and manga in Malaysia, most of the animation has this feel as well. Saladin is more shonen with more action and even use the 'Batman/Catwoman' chemistry in their love story.  Upin and Ipin while focus on a more younger audience, has a theme which is popularly known as 'slice of life' that tell on daily life of people and heavy in comedic and sarcasm. This influence allow audience to accept the animation easier and give them the edge in competing with foreign animation.

Different selection of audience
Because anime has always been focused to teenage and young teenage, Malaysia animation decided to focus on younger audience. Hence the story is usually lighter and not as complex as anime. While there is animation for older audience like Saladin, most of the market is for younger audience. At the same time, because is so light and heavy in comedy, the series may be enjoyed alongside family allowing a wider range of audience.

The growth formula

The growth formula is when the animation character grow with the audience. The Avatar series is one good example where the characters were aged up because the fan and the audience has grow up. Anime usually use time skip to show this, but Upin and Ipin interestingly show this growing up sequence in real time as the character grows in every season. This allow the audience to not feel left behind or even make the animation feel outdated.

Currently Malaysia animation is trying to get hold of their position audience attention and growing. In the next part, we will be focusing on some of the new animation series that you might want to watch and enjoy.

So do you agree with the reason of the reemergence of Malaysia animation ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates for us and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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