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The Lego Movie hit the theater last week. Does it worth your money to watch it ? Hit the jump to find out !!

The Lego movie is basically about Emmet who is accidentally chosen as the special one to fight Lord Business who want to destroy the world.  Overall, I love it !! It is absolutely caught me off guard. Even if you watch all the trailer, all the clip, there still a lot more for you to enjoy. I would say this movie walk the Pixar route where you as kids can enjoy it but as an adult, there's a lot more to take in it.

The storyline is more than you ever thought and it is build up in a creative way. One of the theme of the movie is everyone is special and sometime an ordinary team player person is much better than a super-expert people but doesn't know how to play well within a team. There's a lot more but I wouldn't spoil it for you. I really like the cliffhanger. It make sense and build up the anticipation for the sequel.

The animation was phenomenal. The stop motion like CG really work best in this movie and you don't feel weird looking at all these blocky characters. They also really play off the look of the Lego itself for jokes.Some said it look better it 3D but I haven't check it out.

The comedy and jokes really hit. There is some pun used in the movie and you'll laugh at it because it is funny and not dumb like in Expendables 2. The voice works are wonderful. This is very important especially when your character couldn't express that much of emotion, the voice play a big role. Will Arnett nailed the voice of Batman, a dumb funny Batman, at the very least. Really love Liam Neeson voice in the movie when he differentiate Good Cop/Bad Cop. Some said Elizabeth Banks voicework was a little bit weak, but for me it's okay. 

Overall, I highly encourage people to watch this movie. You will not regret it. It is a movie that both adult and kid can enjoy. I'll give this movie 5 out of 5.

So what do you think of Lego Movie ? Do you agree with my review ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movies review from us and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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