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Kick-Ass 2 Review (Mild Spoiler)

Last week the next installment of Kick Ass 2 was released last week ? And how does I feel about it ? Hit the jump to find out. Beware, MILD SPOILER

Kick Ass 2 got a major promotion chaos when Jim Carrey stated that he wouldn't be promoting this movie due to its violence. And to be honest, I see where that came from. Kick Ass 2 certainly uses
 their R-Rated to the fullest some unexpected gritty and bloody scene. But that doesn't mean this is a really violence movie, there is some genuinely funny moments with a homage to the original scene in the comic books.

Kick Ass 2 basically kicks off several years after Kick Ass where Dave (Kick Ass) feels like his life belongs to the superhero world and wanted to make that his lifetime carrier especially when there are more and more costumed people appearing. Mindy (Hit Girl) is trying to adapt a life a normal teenage girl and a superhero while Chris (Red Mist or known as The Mother[freak]er in this movie), well he had a vendetta to Kick Ass and decided to start the first super villain army.

The movie is great, not as great as Kick Ass but certainly passed the quality of some of the summer flicks. The action was bloody, certainly more bloody than The Wolverine and the same time provide laughable moments throughout the movie. There is some shaky cam moments but other that it quite goods. The reason why it isn't at the same par as its predecessor is the action scenes. There's no 'spectacular' action in the movie which is the strength of the first Kick Ass. if they just pumped up the scene a little bit maybe it would have been much better

The performance of the cast is great as usual. Kudos to Chris Mintz-Plasse for able to give out such a great performance as The Mother[freak]er. He able to show off this weird personality of the villain-wannabe which is the best thing of Kick Ass. The characters are not really superheroes or supervillains, they are just wannabe. Chloe Moretz is great as Hit Girl but the problem is she is too much 'Chloe Moretz'. I saw the trailer for Carrie in this movie and she just look the same in both movie. Hopefully she would did much better in differentiating role in the future movie. Jim Carrey on the other hand steals the show everytime he was in. I don't think he should be ashamed of his role in the movie  in fact that is one of the best role he had for quite some time and I really wish I could see more of him.

I think the weaknesses of the movie was despite paying homage to page of the comic, they decided to go 'mainstream' which most of the complaints in the review. One of it, when they change the love relationship of Kick Ass with another superheroine and make her the victim of The Mother[freak]er. I would prefer more if Lyndsy stays the victim. Also I don't really like the fact that they make Hit Girl appearance finally like this normal average teenage girl or should I said 'the Chloe Moretz looks'.

So that about it. What do you think about Kick Ass 2 ? Was it great or was it so bad that you hate it ? Do you agree with Jim Carrey's comment on its violence ? Write your thought in comments section. Stay tuned for more movie reviews and be sure to follow us at Comikrew Studio !!


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