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Last July, DC Comics came up with their Justice League Titles crossover events, Trinity War. As the events ended last Wednesday with Justice League #23, hit the jump to hear my thoughts of the events. BEWARE : SPOILER ALERT.

Geoff Johns has done a lot of things in numerous titles that were absolutely spectacular to read; Flashpoint, Green Lanterns and don't forget how he made Aquaman cool again. Trinity War while it was a great event, it still come up short compared to Flashpoint. By all means, this doesn't mean it was a bad read but you can see some of the obvious weakness of the story when you're reading it.

Trinity War basically tied up all the loose end that have build up in all the Justice League titles for this two years. When Superman seemingly killed Dr. Light, all League breaks loose as they find the most logical explanation of Superman's action while at the same time dealing with the mysterious Pandora and the villainous Secret Society.

The strength of Trinity War is certainly the build up of the story. Geoff Johns managed to build the story not just from the events itself but at the same time from several events that have happened outside the events. While the story starts a little bit slow, you don't feel it come off a little to fast. Every single things is explained slowly and perfectly that you were able to take all the information without feeling too bloated. While there of course some moment that you feel too convenient like the fact that Batman team able to find Madam Xanadu because Deadman can feel everyone with magic because Shazam hold the Pandora Box or the fact that Constantine is not corrupted by the box because he already is (?), you still feel the story move smoothly and doesn't disturb the whole event itself.

One best part of Trinity War is it able to tied up loose end that you think can't be done. The fact that Mera appeared in the teaser poster during Free Comic Book Day was really weird because Mera was not appeared of any of the League. However, Geoff Johns simply construct it so nicely that it make sense directly. Also Johns tied up a lot of question but still left some of it especially on The Question which I am interested to see what store for him in the future. One more things that is good about the events is the surprise moment it had in the conclusion. What happen to Cyborg and who is the mole in the Justice League are two of the "WTF" moments for me. Trust me, you will be shocked seeing that two revelations.

DC make the right move to give Ivan Reis the job to open and conclude Trinity War. His art is spectacular and really suits the importance of the two issue. However, the art of the other issue come off short especially for Justice League of America. While it doesn't hurt the story, it could have been much better.

The only problem with the event is while it serves as the set up for Forever Evil, it gives out too much for the more experienced DC reader. By the end of Justice League #23, I pretty much can construct the story for Forever Evil and kind of ruined my anticipation for the cross-universe events.
Hopefully they have a lot more stores in for this big events.

So that's my thought. What do you think of Trinity War? Like it ? Hate it? Give you thought at the comments section. Stay tuned for more updates from us and be sure to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!


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