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First Look on National Crisis 0RIGIN: dice

Coming out on March 8, National Crisis 0RIGIN:Dice will explored the origin of the villainous Dice. Check out the first look of it as Megat Arman is explaining the mission to his final hope; the ex-convict Armain.

  • Megat Arman flies to Philippine's  high security prison to find his last hope
  • What is so special with Armain until he is chosen for such an important mission ?
  • Armain mission is interrupted with an uninvited guest

So what do you think of the story ? We sure you never thought Armain started as an ex-convict. Be sure to check the comic on March 8 at MangaMagazine.Net !! Sound off your thought at the comment section and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!


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