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So we meet again, what is different this time is the post is in English because this quite an important post and I hope everyone around the world could read it. Well, through my previous post "Terminology and Jargon part 2", I'm sure that you'll now understand the meaning of reboot. So the main question now here in the post now is what is that gonna have a reboot? Am I rebooting this blog? What the hell? Hell not!

      Actually this post is about the effort of Rebooting my first comic Budak Kampung a.k.a The Teen of The Village. As all of you have known (I shall be using the English title of the comic), The Teen of The Village has been the first comic drawn by me on 2000 and recompiled on 2004. The story ended on 2006 with a special prologue of SMAP (the continuity of the comic) entitled Fun During Eid Fitr with 2 Musyies.
Two years later, the story continues with SMAP  for three season with 78 episodes making it them longest story ever published by Comikrew Studio. On 2009, SMAP continued for another season for 36 episodes in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of  Teen of the Village. The stories ended with the departure of Tri due to extreme emotional disturbance cause by Eyza's death some hint at the end of story :-
 Hikmal and Ida have a love relationship, Moi and Bud are building its own, Hazmi and Eye are getting married.

      However, the stories never really end there when a spin - off was published entitled The Triangle of Love, a stories that touched a life one of the comic illustrator in Comikrew Studio after Tri went missing and this spin-off include several other hint where Moi and Bud is getting married and Ziera received a letter from someone that close to her.

     Now that is all about the timeline of The Teen of Village, and currently another spin -off is one the way which is Cinta Rania which will be the focus on the next post but for now lets focus on the rebooting process. For the preparation on the 10th Anniversary of the recompilation of The Teen of The Village, Comikrew Studio decided to come out with the first ever reboot of this story. The story will focus more on the relationship Tri and N-Vek and will be more action-packed and conflict compared to the previous version. The story is still written and drawn by feettri will entitled as The Teen of the Village: The N-Vek Stories and expected to finished by 2014.

     A little of synopsis, Tri is a normal kid who lives with his parents and his three siblings. However after a weird incident, they keep moving around until he and his family end up at Jati Village. There he meet with Ika; the niece of N-Vek's CEO; Prof. Mukhriz. What he doesn't know is his relationship with Ika will reveal a dark secret kept by his father of N-Vek and this will forever change the course of his life.

Feeling excited already? Well, make sure you wait for it and I will keep posting the update to keep the excitement goes on. Till then, Chiao!!!



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