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Comikrew November Preview

November is finally here and as you can figure out from October, I've been toned down my comic updates and post. Hit the jump to find out what to expect from Comikrew this month.

November will continue the trend made in October with only The Promise is set to be released. The Malay version is set to released sometime this month as well, however with Mat Komik is currently busy with CKOM, it is unknown when that will be released.

The Promise #4 (November 15th, 2017)
  • Following the shocking request from Asnida, the story flashback to what lead to it.
  • How will Tri deals with Asnida's confession ?
  • More importantly, will this be the end between Tri and Ziera ?

Chronicle will continue its hiatus this month. It is possible for the title to return next month, however please stay tuned for further announcement.

In term of movie review, I really really hope that I could do review for Justice League. However, it is yet to be confirmed as it depends largely on my budget this month. So finger crossed.

I know this is not much of an update, however I do still aim to continue with Comikrew Studio and I hope I could get into gear again by next month. What do you think of this month update ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. To keep up to date, be sure to follow and like Comikrew Studio right here or on Facebook. Don't forget to subscribe to my comic on Tapastic and finally be sure to follow and hit me up on


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