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DC Animated finally releases their newest animation this year, though not the most anticipated (that would The Killing Joke), Justice League vs Teen Titans. I enjoy Batman : Bad Blood, so will enjoy this one as well? Hit the jump to find out.

Justice League vs Teen Titans revolves around Damian being sent to the Titan Towers after he failed to follow order during a Justice League mission. However unknown to both the league and the titan, a demon is trying to control the world and when he got his hand on the league, the titan is the only hope left.

First of all, do I enjoy the movie ? I do with a big 'but'. Those who have been following the new DC animated movie post flashpoint are aware that two of the movies released (one is always a Batman movie, and another one is always a Justice League movie) are in the same universe, but they always exist as their own. This is the first time the two elements are being brought together and it bother me a little bit. I'm really afraid that it will become to connected that it end up like Age of Ultron  and Civil War where everybody just show up in every movie. I really hope this is a limit and they went back to their side of the world after this.

However, I am really glad that the studio is back making original story after Batman : Bad Blood and I commend them for that. I think this is something that live action movie studio should in which that the universe has started to expand so big that they can play around in the sandbox without the need to depend on existing material.
Character wise, the league still maintain their own respective character though we got a chance to see Superman and Wonder Woman dates as their civilian identity in this movie. If you're hoping for another show-stealing appearance from Nightwing, you'll be disappointed as he only making a cameo appearances. Though they keep expanding his relationship with Starfire and I really enjoy the short moment between them during the video chat. They also hinted that there is another Teen Titan before this at least consisted of Starfire and Nightwing which I am excited to see.

Damian is a little bit annoying in this movie compared to other as he still act as a whiny child and have problem with his father aka Batman. The rest of titans was fine though they also sometimes a little bit annoying. They might moving with Raven and Damian having a potential relationship and you might see it expanded in the comic as this line up will be the new DC Rebirth line up.

I don't usually talk about the voice casting because most of time DC Animated nails it but this time, some of the voice doesn't fit. Starfire's voice fit when she is flirting but not when she is being mentor of the Titans. Beast Boy's voice seemingly to not fit at all and Raven's voice was too stoic at times. However, Jon Benthal nails it as the voice of Trigon. The League's voice cast is seemingly comfortable now with their role especially Jason O Mara as Batman.

In term of design, most of the character retains the design from Young Justice while Raven maintain her classic look. Starfire had a redesign from her look in the Teen Titans animated series and borderline maintaining her more sexy look in the comic nowadays which even got a comment from Raven earlier in the movie.

In term of the story, it was fine. It wasn't particularly amazing and it could use a longer running time. Damian's turn was little bit sudden. While you can see what triggers it, you don't feel like he would be saying what he would during the climax of the movie. The league was largely unnecessary and the movie could easily involving just the Titans though, you do got a homage of Cyborg being part of the Titans in its early year.
In term of animation similar to Bad Blood, it was just okay . There is no particularly amazing fight sequences or anything . While it is fine by me, I wish they could pull of more amazing fight scene in the movie similar to Batman vs Robin rooftop fight scene.

Overall it was just an okay movie, I'm sure you would enjoy it if you enjoy the other recently releases DC Animated movies. In the end, I give the movie 3.0 out 5.0. It is a fun, original movie but there is nothing spectacular about it other than the Teen Titans in it.

What do you think of Justice League vs Teen Titans ? Do you enjoy it , hate it, or don't care about it. Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more review by following and liking Comikrew Studio right here and on Facebook. Be sure to subscribe to my comic at Tapastic and finally follow and hit me up on Twitter.


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