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Attack on Titan is the next famous Japanese manga adaptation. After the massive success of Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, could Attack on Titan be next one ? Hit the jump to know my thought, beware of Mild Spoiler.

Let me preface this review by saying that I never watched the anime nor read the manga. However I do familiar with the plot so I do have a little bit of preconception on this movie. Also, it has been several months since I did my last review, so I am a little bit rusty.

So the plot of the story is on the base the same (I found out later that it different from the actual manga), Titan attacked the world hundreds years ago and human decided to build walls to stop them. However at the same time the community has been separated into several section. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin lived in the agricultural section and their place was attacked by Titans for the first time in a hundred years. Losing everyone that he love including Mikasa at first, Eren decided to join the army . When he was sent to a mission, he found out a shocking revelations also a huge changes in his life.

In term of character, for a movie that is based on manga, all the characters are just absolutely archetype until the end of the stories. There is no such development in term of the person in the story but not in the character. At the same time, I was having some difficulties recognizing some of the characters at times due to the looks that is sometimes to similar with each other, and it thanks to the archetype characteristics, I could differentiate them and able to give color in the story.

In term of plot, in that 1 hour 39 minutes, there is no moment where it feels slow or lag. It moves nicely with a blend of action, gory, and emotion. The beginning feels a little bit slow especially with all the talk of dreams and stuff, it was a good amount of peace before all the chaos.

In term of looks, it was so great to see the set is built rather than being CGI-ed in. There is some CGI building but they are used sparingly. Post the first attack, they successfully manage to give a dirty look to the costumes and the look of the actors.The Titan itself was real pupil been put some make up and CGI into the scene in a larger scale adding the realism of the story more. In term of the gory look, it was certainly terrifying to see the human being eaten by Titan. There is one shot seemingly being inspired from The Shining, whether it is just coincidence or intentional, it did the job of showing the horror situation really well.
Speaking of the CGI, that is probably one of the most impressive in the story. The CGI was not as good as Hollywood CGI but again it was used sparingly to add to the story. The first giant Titan sold me on the story as it represent the word Titan itself perfectly. Monster sized human with flame on their body similar to the real Titan in the Greek mythology.  

Overall, while some of the fans were disappointed on some part of the story, I went out from the movie satisfied.This is certainly a movie not for a faint of heart especially with all the blood and gory. In the end, I give this movie a 3.0 out 5.0. It certainly not as good as Rurouni Kenshin trilogy but it is nonetheless an enjoyable movie.

So what do you think of Attack on Titan ? Do you enjoy it or disappointed by it ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movie review in the future and don't forget to check out our comics online. Be sure to like and subscribe to us at Facebook and Tapastic, and keep following us here at Comikrew Studio.


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