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Comikrew Studio April Preview

April will be a busy month for me as my graduation will be on stakes in this month. However, that doesn't mean I won't be giving out some comics. Hit the jump to see what titles set to release next month.

April will be a slow month for me. National Crisis is on hiatus, and Skuad Satria is currently on hold in its publication. However, I still have other title for readers to anticipate to. Chronicle begins it builds up to its climax while Comikrew Love Story returns with Parker's Guidebook of Dating.

Chronicle #15
  • Swamp Battle part one
  • Pirate Brotherhood preparation for their big mission is interrupted by an ambush from Central
  • Pat finally step up and show his true ability
  • Will Pirate Brotherhood's mission ended before it even started ?

Chronicle #16
  • Swamp Battle part two
  • Its Edgar Bareira vs Patrick Allenbach 
  • Patrick Allenbach made a call following their battle with Pirate Brotherhood
  • The final act is finally begins

Parker's Guidebook of Dating
  • Get ready to see dating in a whole new perspective
  • Does dating really has a rule ? and Aren't rule is made to be broken ?
  • Parker learns that dating is not as easy as it seems.
We won't be having any titles release this week, but expect review for Multiversity, Futures End, and Convergence this Wednesday also Furious 7 on Friday. Also we will update on Skuad Satria as soon as it is available. What do you think of our upcoming title ? Which one you excited the most ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more updates from us. Don't forget to like and subscribe to us at Facebook, Youtube, and Tapastic. Finally be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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