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Kingsman: The Secret Service opens this year movie extravaganza. How does this movie stands up with Matthew Vaughn's (the director) other movie and does this movie gave something different to the audience than the normal spy stuff ?

First of all, I'm gonna say this, this is a movie that you should not miss especially if you like the spy movie genre. It is a fun ride, genuinely funny, action pack and if you'll looked closely possessed some great message in it.

Before I start reviewing lets get a little bit of recap of the story. It is a story of Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin (Taron Edgerton) that was recruited Harry Hart (Colin Firth) to be a part of Kingsman, a super secret spy organization. However, as he trained to become a spy, the world is under a threat lead by Richmond Valentine (Sam L. Jackson) a twisted minded billionaire.

Lets start with a story. The story is a pretty basic story on the surface. Kids with potential having a shitty life, recruited by a guy to become a spy and later have to step to become more than he is. The gold of this movie is definitely the look of it. Matthew Vaughn manages to make this movie look so classy that you are being immersed by the style and the look  of it.

Kudos to Matthew Vaughn to manage first really differentiate the look of each society in this movie. You have the Kingsman, always look high class with their suits, you have the working class people that have rugged look and you have this pop-culture society that wear very urban fashion. I think that what makes a Matthew Vaughn movie a Matthew Vaughn movie, he manage to control the look of the character so they are starkly different.  Also this is very subtle but the color palette for every of this society is also different. Kingsman society is very yellow and gold and the working class area is very saturated in terms of class. And of course Sam L Jackson have this fleshy color palette.

Performance wise, everybody is great in this movie. The highlight is definitely Colin Firth (Harry Hart) , Taron Edgerton (Eggsy) and Sofia Boutella (Gazelle, the woman with a blade leg).
Colin Firth played this gentleman that always stay in classy in all manner of situation. Taron Edgerton, capable to play this genuinely noble guy who sometimes a dick and a little bit kinky, but at the same time very likable and witty, which is really hard to pull. Of course, Sofia Boutella, you got to give a shout out for someone who have a blade as a prosthetic leg. Sam L Jackson is always pull off his Sam L Jackson , same with Micheal Caine. Sophie Cookson who played Roxy did her best but her character was just there to be there. Also it is nice to see Mark Hamill in a movie other than Star Wars.

The music ? It is just fine. There is a little bit reminiscence of the Avengers but it doesn't really take in or out of the movie.

Was there any flaw ? The special was pretty weak. There is some part that you feel like that is not real. But to a casual moviegoers, I don't think it would bother until it took you out of the movie.

Overall this is a very good movie. The blood and violence is over the top but it is not to the level of gore. If you like Kick-ass and X-Men First Class, this is the prefect blend of both of the movies. I'l give this movie 5 out 5. Despite a pretty basic story and weak special effect, it doesn't affect your experience with this movie and it is a genuinely good movie.

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