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First Look of Comikrew10 events

After the release of Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood next week, now its time to focus on the our upcoming events on December, Comikrew10 and our plan on the future of Comikrew Studio.

Last week we released the first two chapters of Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood. As it is expected to finish on December, Comikrew Studio will then celebrate its 10 years anniversary with a Comikrew10 event. Few days ago, we finally release the first look of the special banner for the events.  Several special titles have been announced for the events and today we present new updates of the events.

On the progress of the events :
I'll be honest, it is progressing slowly. However, we are still make it on time with several alterations. My Boyfriend is a Superhero is shorten down to a limited short stories instead of a full serial. National Crisis #9 has already started while we have a new script for a new love shorts. We already started our banner for the events and released the first look few days ago.

The cover for National Crisis #9
On the future of Comikrew Studio :
We will be officially released our Facebook to public and attempt to get our titles to get publish. Surprisingly, there is a demand for us to bring back Diari Malaysia Asyikin. However, with Chronicle and National Crisis in our pipelines, it gonna have to wait. I'm about to graduate from college next year, so my comic works are really getting slow down. That's also the reason why Chronicle is released 6 pages biweekly.

On the future titles of Comikrew Studio :
For now, we are focusing on finish up for Comikrew10 events and the third part of Chronicle for January released. After that, I might take a rest to focus on graduation and then jump into the attempt to get National Crisis published. Diari Malaysia Asyikin was our first attempt and it failed probably because we did not have a clear outline for it. National Crisis on the other hand have one arc finished and we have outline for two arc currently. 

The hope for Comikrew Studio :
I really hope that Comikrew Studio continues in the future. I would really hope that more and more people will know about Comikrew Studio and we could establish as alternatives for Malaysia comic readers. I think that I am planning right now is to try coming up with my own podcast. Thank you for your supports and I really appreciate it. 

Are you excited for Comikrew10 events ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Comikrew10 starts on December and continues for a several months.In the meanwhile, check out Chronicle : Pirate Brotherhood at Stay tuned for more comic updates and we'll be started to do movie review again soon. Be sure to like us on Facebook   and don't forget to follow us here on Comikrew Studio.


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