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First look of National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure

After a month of rest, check out the first look of our upcoming raya comic special; National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure !! 

We have been away for a month for Ramadhan. As we announce earlier last May, we will be releasing a special comic issue. With the theme of "Raikan Ramadhan Dengan Yang Tersayang (Celebrate Eid with Your Loved Ones)" . As we are approaching Eid next week, here is the first look of National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure and as you can see at the beginning of post, we have also released our special Raya poster.

Everybody celebrate Eid no matter who including our Malaysian Finest hero; The Sentinel Squad. In National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure, we'll be seeing our hero celebrating Eid. 
  • Rania Mokhtar forced Aswad to follow her back to their hometown, but first lets go shopping.
  • Musashi is hanging at the end of his life while saving a girl in a rescue mission.
  • Armain is heading for late night drinks and got stuck with a firecracker smuggler
  • Su Claz reminiscing her memory celebrating Eid with her father.

What do you think of National Crisis : Lebaran Crisis ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. National Crisis : Lebaran Adventure will be released in bilingual on August 28th. Stay tuned for a big announcement from us soon, and also more comic updates. Don't forget to like us at Facebook and be sure to follow us here at Comikrew Studio.


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