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Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill returns for 22 Jump Street. Can this duo proves that this franchise does not depends on nostalgia ? Hit the jump to know what I think about this movie.
22 Jump Street is an interesting movie in the sense that it is this social commentary comedy about movie and franchise especially. The first movie is not obvious. You have the explosion scene in
 the first one but that is the only one that I can think about. This one however, the moment the movie starts they already makes fun of movie industry by recapping 21 Jump Street. Let me say right off the bet, this movie is super funny but I do have problem with the jokes in the movie.

Three types of jokes can this found in this movie. Commentary jokes, Self-referential jokes, and genuine jokes. The commentary jokes is funny but then you getting tired of it, and nothing is funny with the self-referential jokes. However, the genuine jokes really hit your hard and at the right time that it doesn't matter if the other two are not funny.

In term of performance, every one is great in the sense that they are having fun filming this. No one looks like just want to go home. No one is particularly extraordinary because the focus of this movie is really about the commentary and also, believe or not, the story.

 While this is a comedy, it doesn't become a story that is just filled with comedy (Million Ways to Die in the West). There is a story underneath it and it keeps progressing while the jokes are happening. There is several twist and turn in this movie that make you keep engage with the story. This is I think the strength of directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller in where they able to tell a story and make a social commentary in a comedy at the same time.

Overall, this is a great movie and again, a movie that I might watch again in the future. Also stay tuned for the credit as there is an interesting cameos and super great commentary about a franchise. I'll give this movie a 4.5 out of 5.0. It is a great movie but the jokes sometimes to self-referential that it got tired a little bit.

What do you think of 22 Jump Street ? Do you like that it makes fun of movie industry or you actually didn't understand their jokes at all ? Leave your thought in the comment section. We'll be resting from Summer Movies review for a while due to one, we'll be back in Malaysia for a holiday, Two, world cup is starting, and three, Ramadhan is coming. However, stay tuned for more comic updates throughout that time. Don't forget to like our Facebook Pages and be sure to keep follow us at Comikrew Studio.


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