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Appealing VIllains

In conjunction with DC Comics villains month, we'll be talking about Villains and what makes them so interesting in the eyes of the reader. If you ready, hit the jump and dive into the world of villainy !!

A hero is defines by he(r) villain. That is why Batman and Spiderman is so popular while characters like Black Panther and Green Arrow are having hard time to jump into the mainstream. In fact, as soon as the villain is removed from the equation, it's really hard to find a story interesting which I think the problem of the current X-Men runs as well as Spiderman. However, have we ever wander while are some villains themselves are more popular than the others ? Why is The Joker is so popular compared to Mr. Freeze (Ledger's and Arnold's potrayal of the respective villains may be a cause) but why does people keep asking Lex Luthor for movie or Venom ? One of the reason is their motivation and today we'll discussed some of them.

The Joker
Batman ultimate enemy that has been portrayed nicely by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger as well Mark Hamill for the voice over. One of the reason why Joker is so appealing is because he has no motivation.Quoting from The Dark Knight, he is the agent of chaos for Batman's order. Joker is the opposite of generic villains. He has no motivation or even background (a specific one that is). Because of that, he stands out as the greatest example of a villains.

Lex Luthor
Superman's arch-enemy that well known for its bald head. He was so popular because of his belief that the world will be a better place without Superman. Not forget that he is just a businessman (I'm not a fan of the kryptonite-suit Lex) and never get his hand dirty to eliminate Superman. He stands out more that other Superman's villain because he's just a normal guy but able to become a threat to the most powerful being in the world.

Now, I know his origin story has been redefined but I preferred his old one. Now despite his ridiculous name, he's the most popular villain of The Flash. Why is that ? Because he become a villain due to the fact its his destiny and he has to make sure the future is not disturbed. Imagine that you living in the future and realized back in the past he was the arch-enemy of The Flash. The preserve the time continuum, you have to obey and step to become a villain. Here come a question, will you consider him as a villain or a hero because he become a villain not because he wants to but because he had to.

Black Adam
Captain Marvel or now known as Shazam only enemy. But he alone is enough to provide Shazam a story. Black Adam motivation is to stop oppression to the weak. However, he was corrupted by the power he possessed thus become evil. The thing appeal to Black Adam is that he only want to stop the oppression by becoming the ruler of the world in which he do it in a wrong way. He's a classic example of where the means doesn't justify the end.

The Mandarin
I know that people is still frustrated of his portrayal in Iron Man 3 because what makes Mandarin so popular is the element of magic that he possessed which is the exact opposite of Iron Man who believes in science. In fact that's the main reason people know him as the villain of Iron Man; the ten rings of his finger with magic power.

I actually don't know why Venom is so popular but my guess is because Venom is created due to two reason, the symbiote's hatred to Spiderman and Eddie's hatred to Peter. Most of Spiderman's villain is fueled by their hatred to Spiderman but this one has both of the hero's identity hence making him more dangerous to any other villain for he can harm Spiderman's loved ones. And of course who didn't like his monstrous look of Spiderman.

Well, we can talk all day about this villains but we want to hear your thought. What villains appeals the most to you and why ? Also does the villains mentioned above appeal to you for the reasons we gave, if not why ? Sound off your thought in the comments section. Stay tuned with us for more interesting article and don't forget to follow us at Comikrew Studio.


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