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Man of Steel Review : SPOILER ALERT

So with the mixed review of critics and movie-goers, what do I think of Man of Steel ? Hit the jump to see my thought in the beginning of DC Cinematic Universe. BEWARE SPOILER ALERT

Man of Steel was told to be movie that hold the ultimate fate of DC Cinematic Universe in order to compete with Marvel Studio. While many expected it to be as great as The Dark Knight, in fact expecting too much especially after all the trailer and TV spot. However, when the movie was nearing its released date, most people including critic did one mistake, to bring in their previous understanding of Superman based on animated series, movies , and tv series they watch in the past when watching this movie or do their review, myself including. However, just few days before the movie was released, Grace Randolph ; one of movie and comic book critic which I followed her channel in the Youtube said that she gonna go and watch the movie with a clean slate or in other meaning zero perception of Superman. Does it work ?

It does actually. Think Man of Steel like Smallville TV Series but rather than a unnecessary 10 seasons long, it was compacted into 2 and half hour movie.. In fact what I see is Zach is trying to set up several things  that make this Superman the Superman we knew and love. Of course, he killed Zod in the end of this movie and totally regret it but then if in the sequel (which has already been confirmed), they addressed it as why Superman refused to kill, then I would be happy to accept it. I mean, we knew why Batman doesn't kill but why Superman doesn't kill was never been explained at least not in my knowledge. While this does sound a little bit optimistic but it does make sense when you think about it doesn't it ?

The strength of this film was no doubt the visual and action scene. Thought some was obviously look a little bit fake but it still on an epic scale. The visual was awesome especially when Superman was flying, it just satisfying to see it happen. The emotion scenes were decent to me. Some were too much especially when it involves Jor-El. The dialogue were a little bit over the top like people of Krypton always speaks in a majestic way. But the one that took the emotional spotlight was the scene between Clark and Pa Kent. Kevin Costner did a really well done job in portraying a father that trying to teach his son morality at the same time to protect him from the world due to his "differences". Kudos to that. The tornado scene was excellent. While some said it is  too short but I think it was just fine.

Henry Cavill was excellent as Superman in every single way. His mannerism, his looks was perfect as Superman. The moment you see him in the suit, you gonna like he's totally Superman. I think extra to him that he has a great smile which give Superman an extra advantages on his look. His Clark Kent was perfect as well, at the tornado scene, you can see that he resembles Tom Welling portrayal as Clark Kent a little bit but I want to see his dorky side more than his emo side in the sequel. Amy Adams was okay as Lois Lane. She was not the damsel in distress kin of woman which was Lois Lane supposed to be but her relationship with Clark was a little bit rush. Micheal Shannon was a perfect complement for Cavill's Superman as Zod. A non-compromised villains who was a little gray in his personality, but Faora steals the show in term of villain. Her eyes movements were enough to show how menacing she is and no doubt I 'll be exciting to see she's returning. The other cast have done a well done job as well particularly Russel Crowe's Jor-El and Kevin Costner's Pa Kent.  Though I was expecting Jenny to die hence bring Jimmy Olsen in the sequel.

Hans Zimmer done an excellent job in the score. I'm pretty sure the Man of Steel score will be as definitive as The Dark Knight score as well. Besides most people said that the strength of DC Movies were in their score. Just think 1978 Superman and the previous Batman movies. They all have a very recognizable score as well.

Does the movie have any flaw ? Unfortunately there are. Just like I said earlier the relationship between Lois and Clark was a little bit rush. I think it was too early for her to know that Clark is Superman. Also, I think the collateral damage in the final scene was too much. I mean for God sake, Metropolis looks like a post-apocalypse town in the final battle and look just fine in the final scene. I think Goyer and Snyder should reduce that a little bit.

Overall, this movie is the Superman movie we waited all this time. Of course it is not as great as The Dark Knight or as loyal as The Avengers but hey, that's a very unfair comparison. This movie stands on its own place for me.  I certainly encourage everyone to watch this movie but remember throw away all your knowledge on the previous incarnation of Superman you know to avoid quick comparison and treat this like a Smallville movie and you sure to enjoy it. Out of five, I give this movie a four.

What do you think of Man of Steel ? Like it or hate it ? Sound off your thought in the comment section. Stay tuned for more movie review from us and don't forget to be a fan of Comikrew Studio !!  


  1. Nice review bro! Ha Ha. you're right, it's unfair to compare this movie which quite frankly, is the first of a new saga to The Dark Knight which was already a sequel at the time it was released. If I were to be honest this> Batman Begins. I just hope the sequel will not be disappointing though I'm pretty sure it won't be. ;)


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