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First Look on CHU 0RIGIN : Starshield

Countdown to National Crisis phase two is  kicking off tomorrow with Hackerdroid. However before that, CHU 0RIGIN continues after the tale of NightMoth with the story that gonna kick start CHU entirely ; Starshield. Hit the jump to get the first look of Starshield : CHU 0RIGIN that will be coming out next week !

  • CHU 0RIGIN continues with a tale of Dave Drake
  • Can he on hold to his code with his loved one is killed
  • A story that will lead to a new ongoing series  

So, what do you think of Starshield ? Starshield : CHU 0RIGIN will be available next week at MangaMagazine.Net. Don't forget to check out on Hackerdroid #1 tomorrow and be a follower of Comikrew Studio. Sound off what you thought on Starshield : CHU 0RIGIN preview in comment section !!


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