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Watch out!!! Dodge the ball!!!

Hai, guys.. Well, its been quite some time since I wrote post in this blog. However, I got something to tell you'll about. Recently, I joined the Overseas Preparation Student in Uniten for their Sport Carnival. One of the game they played was dodgeball and I was given a chance to be the referee because I knew the rule of the game. So today, I 'll explain to you all on how to play it. (Sound like a teacher) By the way, all of this was taken in Wikipedia.

     Before the game starts, you may wonder the maximum player for a team, right? The answer is infinity. You may play as many as you want. Not just that, there are no finite time limit for the game. You may set up your own time limit (where the most number of player when the time ends win) or the game is consider end when all the players of one of the team are eliminated.Now the rule.

     At the beginning of a dodgeball game, the balls are lined up on the central dividing line (in some versions of the game, the balls are thrown in the air for the players to catch or divided evenly to both the teams pre-match). The players then rush towards the center line simultaneously and try to grab one of the dodgeballs and throw or roll it backwards to their teammates (they cannot pick up a ball and throw it instantly). This is known as the opening rush. Once the game has commenced, players throw balls at members of the opposing team in an attempt to eliminate their players.

  • When a player has been hit by a dodgeball on the full (i.e., without hitting the roof, the floor, any of the walls, or an outside object and rebounding off) below shoulder height, that player has been eliminated and must move to his team's designated bench area (players are still out if the ball rebounds off another dodgeball and/or player and hits them on the full).
  • The same rule applies if any number of people try to catch the ball but drop it. Head shots will not be counted. It only eliminates the thrower immediately.
  • If a player catches a ball thrown by the opposing team on the full, then the player who threw the ball is eliminated and the team that caught the ball can reinstate the player that has been out the longest (some variations increase the reinstatement limit).
  • As long as the ball has been caught in any way and is held for two seconds, the thrower is out (i.e., even if the ball is caught between the legs, the thrower is still out).
  • If a dodgeball hits an opposing player but gets caught by one of the hit player's teammates, the thrower is out, a player gets reinstated, and the player who got hit stays in.
  • If the dodgeball game is played on a basketball court and a player throws the ball and it goes into the opposing basket and/or it hits the basketball backboard on the full, the whole team gets resurrected. (The ball is still counted to have hit the backboard or scored a basket on the full if it rebounded off another dodgeball or it was deflected into the backboard by an opposing player). 
  • If the ball hits the backboard supports and/or the ring but fails to hit the backboard or go into the hoop, there is no effect. Players cannot be caught out if the ball hits the backboard, backboard supports, and/or the ring.
  • Players can pick up dead balls and throw them back at the other team. 
  • Players are allowed to leave the confines of the court to gather balls that have rolled out of bounds, but cannot throw the ball until they are back inside the court.
  • A ball thrown from outside the court cannot eliminate an opponent who is hit. It only succeeds in getting the thrower automatically eliminated. 
  • If that ball however is caught on the full, the opposition can reinstate the player that has been out the longest from their team.
  • A player who moves completely out of bounds when a ball is thrown at them and does not catch that ball is also eliminated.
  • If a player moves into the opponent's zone or picks up a ball from inside the opponent's zone without it fully rolling inside their zone, that player is out. 
  • Players can also get eliminated if their throw hits an opponent on the head, displays bad sportsmanship, or cheats. Kicking the balls is prohibited.
  • Depending on the rules of a particular game, a ball in the possession of a player can be used to block incoming balls thrown by the opposing team.
  • Once all the players on one team are eliminated, the game ends
.Here are all the rules. Another question, what should I wear for this game? Anything that is comfortable. As long as  you are wearing something (you may play it naked if there if everyone agree but not recommended.)
Okay, that is all for today post. Hope you all enjoy the game.Chiaoo!!!


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