Justice League movie review
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Justice League review

The long anticipated Justice League is finally here. After the divisive BvS and the unexpected over-achiever Wonder Woman, can which one will be Justice League fell into ? Hit the jump to find out my thought.

Comikrew November Preview

November is finally here and as you can figure out from October, I've been toned down my comic updates and post. Hit the jump to find out what to expect from Comikrew this month.

The Promise #3 is now available on Tapas

Sorry for the extremely long delay, however the next chapter of The Promise is now available to read at Tapastic. Hit the jump to read the new chapter as Tri's love life takes an unexpected turn in this chapter.

Comikrew October Preview

Sorry for the delay, I was still settling with some changes in my personal life. Anyway hit the jump as both of Comikrew's releases this month features a massive turn of event in their chapter.

Chronicle #58 is now available on Tapastic

Chronicle : Earth Union is heading to its big face off finale in this chapter. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter !!

Janjiku #1 and #2 is now available on Mat Komik

The malay version of The Promise aka Janjiku kicks off this week with not one but two chapters !! Hit the jump to read the miniseries event in Malay.