Fast and Furious 8 Movie review
Ardian Syaf Fiasco Where it got wrong?
Digimon Adventure Tri part 4 Movie Review
Beauty and The Beast Postponement; rational or ridiculous
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Fast and Furious 8 review

Fast and Furious returns for any adrenaline fueled installment. After the highly personal ending of seven, can this one too it or have it reached its peak already ? Hit the jump to read my thought.

Chronicle #53 is now available on Tapastic

Sorry for the delay (again), but the new chapter of Chronicle as Azu Muto deals with the revelation of who responsible in killing his father and exiles him.

The Ardian Syaf Fiasco

Marvel has been spewing out controversial headlines lately since the reveal of Captain America is a part of Hydra. This week, it got worse when one of the flagship title; X-Men Gold was spotted to contain subtle reference to Indonesia controversial issue; Ahok. While subtle reference are normal (homage, allegory are all that), what makes this one so controversial ? Hit the jump to find out my thought.

Reviewstravaganza : Digimon Adventure Tri part 4

Yeah, I know it is almost a month late, but I just got my hand on watching part 4 of Digimon Adventure Tri. Hit the jump to see my thought whether this movie capable maintaining the anticipation of this long running franchise.

Comikrew April 2017 preview

With several misses of my original plan, I'm trying to slow down my Comikrew activity this month (also with several personal matter coming up). Hit the jump to check out what's coming in this slow month of Comikrew.

Chronicle #52 is now available on Tapastic.

Chronicle continues to with a new chapter as Azu Muto reunites with the person he hates the most. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter.

The Dying Culture of Hobby

This is also another topic that's been lingering in mind quite recently. Has the arrival of social media killed the culture that we called hobby ? I believe so, but I think it's not the only reason. Hit the jump to find out.