Joss Whedon Alleged Accusation Fiasco
31 Days of Malay Folklore; Special National Month Project
The Promise; What YOU should know
Fairy Tail finale review
Despacito Banning Fiasco

The Promise #2 is now available on Tapas

The miniseries event continues with chapter 2 as both Ziera and Tri tries to deal with the revelation they had in the previous chapter. Hit the jump to read the latest chapter.

Comikrew September Preview

I had to reshuffles my releases schedule for September. However, The Promise continues with its second chapter while Chronicle continues its race to the end of Earth Union. Hit the jump to see what to expect this month on Comikrew.

The Promise #1 is available on Tapastic

The Promise officially kicked off two weeks ago, however due to some personal event coming up, I only have a chance to update my blog this week. Hit the jump to read the conclusion of Comikrew's longest love story.

The Joss Whedon Alleged Accusation fiasco

Yesterday, news broke as Kai Cole, ex-wife of Joss Whedon wrote about his infidelity and hypocrisy of his stand on feminist. How will this accusation affects him and anything related to him ? And what is my thought about this accusation ? Hit the jump to find out.

31 Days of Malay Folklore

In conjunction with National Month, I decided to kick off an initiative of some sort known as 31 Days of Malay Folklore. What is it ? Well, hit the jump to find out.

Chronicle #57 is now available on Tapastic

Chronicle finally returns with the final sub-arc as Patrick Allenbach and Allen Smith finally arrive at NEST in their effort to save Nia Azmir and foil Brotherhood's plan.  Hit the jump to read the returning chapter of Chronicle : Earth Union.